Sunday, June 30, 2013

They Like Me...They Really Like Me! I have been nominated for a Liebster

I got a Liebster, I got a Liebster, I got a Liebster - Hey Hey Hey Hey...All of you Little Rascal Fans will get that tune! 

 I am so honored to have been nominated for a Liebster by my lovely blogger buddy Amybecca from over at Love, AmyBecca. If you have never visited her is the time! She has an amazing site that covers pretty much EVERYTHING! Health, Beauty, Travel, Weddings, you name it...she has got it (even vegan and lactose free info)!
This is Amybecca!

So...what is a Liebster anyway? That was my husband's first question. It is basically a blogger award given out by bloggers to other bloggers who have 200 followers or less to help them gain some exposure. It is basically like a hey, I like you so should they!

I have secretly been wanting on of these so getting the nomination made my week! After getting the message that I was nominated, I waved my hand back and forth as I walked through my house and even thought about wearing a crown around...but maybe that was over kill!

So,  there are some rules and paperwork to take care of....
Liebster Rules
  1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  2. List 10 facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate up to 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and notify them that they have been nominated.
  4. Ask the nominees 10 questions for them to answer on their own blog.
So...Here Goes Nothing!

10 Facts about me...that you were afraid to know!

1. I am a mother to 5 children and I may not be done...or I might! You never know and I don't want to rule anything out :)

2. I am a vegetarian. I have been that way for about 5 years. There is no curing it either....I have no desire to eat a burger!

3. I hate housework! 'nuff said.

4.  My mother has NEVER read my blog...nor does she choose to acknowledge that I have one. My mother-in-law...on the other hand...reads daily and asks her friends to like my page! Go figure!!

5. If I am cruising in my car, by myself, you had best believe that I am jamming to some 90's rap. I just can't help it - give me some Salt n Pepa, The Dogg Pound (let's play house),  or Naughty by Nature and I am a happy girl :)

Us 15 years ago...
6. I got married 30 days after I graduated highschool and am celebrated my 15th year anniversary this month.

7. I am eating clean but have not been able to kick my diet soda habit - I am only human :( I am down to 1 a day and that is a BIG improvement.

8. I love a great doughnut. I will not say more.

9. I used to run a karaoke machine at a restaurant. My jams were madonna and def leopard. I am sure that many are glad that it was a short term gig!

10. I would someday LOVE to open my own restaurant specializing inorganic foods. I want to show people that organic food doesn't taste like dirt! I believe that I can clear up any misconception with my vegan everything cookies!

Now...the questions from Amybecca:

  1. If I only had three foods to eat for the rest of my life they would be cheese wontons, Nutella, and crusty bread.
  2. My favorite post of Amybecca's is this Chocolate Mochi recipe. I eat organically so being able to make something I love at home is so awesome!
  3. My favorite post that I have done...that is so tough to decide! I guess it would be my post about my parents and their reluctance to accept my organic lifestyle - you can find it here...Help, My parents called Child Protective Services
  4. Cats or Dogs? I choose cats but have 2 dogs and no cats!
  5. A talent that I have...yikes! I can balance a book on my head!
  6. I don't know that I have a favorite film. I can say that I love the movie We Bought a Zoo with Matthew Damon. Family movie, made me laugh, and made me cry.
  7. My favorite holiday destination is Gatlinburg, TN. I know, I know, its not very glamorous BUT I vacationed there every summer as a kid and always saw the brides walking down the streets in their white dresses. My hubby and I were married there 15 years ago and go back almost every year!
  8. My blog is all about getting my family financially and physically fit while going green! It totally started as a coupon site though!
  9. 3 things that I am good at are coaching and motivating others, making people smile, and fixing broken items. 3 things that I am not so good at are cleaning, staying on a schedule, and answering my phone!
  10. I can always be found on Twitter, and sometimes Facebook. Pinterest scares me and my husband too...every time I log in, I find 10 projects to do...remember, I am not good at cleaning up!
Now...Onto the Fun Part!

Here are my nominations...... It was so hard because there were so many people that I wanted to nominate! UGH!!!
Kelly from
Leah from
Christine from
Brittnei at
Jelli from
Mrs. AOK from
Cathy from
April at 
Megan at

Here are the 10 questions that I have for you to answer on your blog...
  1. If you could only say 5 words for the rest of your life, what would they be?
  2. What would your dream car be? Be inventive!
  3. If you could create any career- what would it be?
  4. What is your favorite blog post that you have done?
  5. If you could eat dinner with 1 person - dead or alive - who would it be?
  6. Houses require your dreamteam? I.e., chef gordon ramsay, joe from super nanny, Ty from Trading spaces
  7. If you could rename yourself what would you call yourself?
  8. Arrange these in order of importance: Blog, Manicure, Food, Sleep, Movie Time, Massage
  9. What cartoon character do you most identify with?
  10. What is your guilty pleasure? Name at least 1
Thanks again to my buddy Amybecca for this opportunity to add something special to my sidebar and to stoke my blogger ego! Someone really needs to come up with a sash and crown for this award, I like glittery things!!!!