Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Coco-nutty For Coconut.... 8 Beauty Tips

YOU Should Be Coco-nutty Too!

So, I have recently become a NUT for coconut products! Yesterday I had some of the most amazing coconut water (first sip, I thought..yuck but after that it was pretty refreshing and tasty) and I cook almost everything with coconut oil! I  thought that coconut was only good for healthy reasons(click here to read about the health benefits of coconut) but I am finding that there are TONS of beauty benefits to the ugly coconut!

Coconut oil is jam packed with Vitamin E and fatty acids (like lauric acid, myristic acid, capric acid and more) which are anti-fungal, anti-oxidizing and anti-bacterial so you body LOVES them! Until about a year or so ago, you never heard much about the benefits of the coconut. People were a bit put off by the "fats" in the coconut oil but just like the avocado....the coconut fought back and earned its place as a superfood! It is even beig hailed as the closest natural thing to Mother's Milk!

Why look to coconut oil instead of over the counter serums and moisturizers?

Most of the products over the counter  contain a lot of water. While your skin feels moisturized at first, when the water dries does your skin. Many brands of moisturizers also contain petroleum-based ingredients that can suffocate the skin. Coconut oil provides deep moisture that is pure and healthy.Coconut oil is even known to strengthen your underlying tissue while ridding your top layer from flaky dead skin cells. PLUS, you can save some major money! 1 teaspoon is enough to moisturize your entire body!

What to look for....
Look for coconut oils labeled with words like "extra virgin", "unbleached", and "unrefined". Organic is best :) When you first apply coconut oil to your skin, it will feel oily at first but it absorbs very quickly into the skin! You can buy coconut oil almost anywhere! Check your grocery store or a specialty shop like Trader Joes for the best price. I pay anywhere between 8 ad 11 bucks for a 16 ounce jar--it is going to last you a while unless you use it as much as I do!


Here are some ways to use that crazy coconut to boost your beauty routine!


Does your Hair Need Some Love?

Dry or Damaged Hair? 
Rub some coconut oil into ends of hair at least an our before washing hair. The damaged hair will soak up some much needed moisture!

Looking for a  High Gloss Look?
After washing, drying and styling your hair, rub a small amount of coconut oil into the palms of your hands then lightly work it in to your hair.

Dry scalp?
Rub a small amount of coconut oil into your scalp before bed. Sleep in a shower cap or cover your pillow! Wash your hair in the morning! Repeat this nightly until the dryness is gone!

Looking to Brighten and soften skin?

Make an exfoliating facial scrub!
Mix coconut oil with an equal part of baking soda and then massage into your face. Rinse with warm water!

Clean your face then pat dry then apply a light coating of coconut oil. Leave on overnight- you may want to cover the pillow with a towel. Repeat each night until desired results are achieved. In the beginning, you may see an increase in the amount of oils and acne BUT this is your skin detoxifying and sending the acne causing junk to the top of the skin.

 Dry Skin Patches?
Massage in Coconut oil daily to soften and treat skin.

Do you need Soft....Kissable Lips?
Start using coconut oil in place of your lip balm. The moisturizing benefits will be soaked up and will leave your lips soft and silky!

Are you after Soft & Silky skin?
Use it as your daily moisturizer! This is especially great for legs!  Rub it into your skin just like you would your favorite lotion. It will quickly absorb into the skin and nourish you from the inside out!

So....Coconut is good for things other than pina coladas and bras! Coconut is a powerful ally in your war to become healthier, softer, and a bit greener!