Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to REMOVE CRAYON from clothing!

Yep....admit it, it happens to you too!

You are on your last load of laundry and you pull the victorious load out of the dryer only to find that one of your lovely children had placed a crayon in their pocket and THE WHOLE LOAD IS COVERED IN RED WAX! happens to me frequently but today was down right irritating! We are leaving for vacation tomorrow and this load was all of my oldest son's shorts and shirts that should be sitting safely in the suitcase. I also should mention that I JUST took the tags off and now the clothes look ruined.

Crayons are often my nemesis. I finally removed some stubborn crayon from my wall using a lighter and clearly that wouldn't work on clothes!

Luckily for me...I was still able to SAVE the entire load!