Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Dirty Dozen...and the Clean 15

About 6 months ago, my family made a conscious decision to start our organic eating journey.  We traded in our fast food and pre-packaged foods for foods made from scratch and with ingredients not treated with chemicals, containing GMOs, or or altered in any way. Little did I know that - while the decision was easy - finding 100% of my foods in sunny Ohio bearing the "Organic" label would not be half as easy.

AboutSo....what did I do? I found an amazing blog from Christing Wiley - Juggling Real Food and Real Life - it was EXACTLY what I needed! She too took the journey from convenience to organic and highlighted her family's experience along the way! Christina actually breaks down  her real food journey in way in a VERY easy to follow! Her   "weekly challenges" show you how to easily begin eliminating processed foods in a step by step process. I WISH I HAD FOUND HER SOONER! She makes Juggling REAL FOOD and REAL LIFE so easy to do!

Here is one of m favorite posts from the talented Christina! "The Dirty Dozen" is a fantastic tool to have and understand when buying organic isn't always possible!