Wednesday, May 15, 2013

10 Sources of Protein for Vegetarian and Vegans

and Meat Eaters Too!

I sometimes feel like a "weirdo" for being a vegetarian. It is hilarious how people (who would never think about nutrition for themselves....Uh hum....BIG MAC) dig into how I am able to get all of the proper nutrients and vitamins while maintaining my non meat commitment. I am taunted and teased --even by members of my own family-- about "needing a burger" and laughed at by strangers in restaurants for ordering my "burger - no meat". There is an entire conspiracy against us Vegetarians and Vegans...if you don't believe me, read this article on 10 things you only THOUGHT were vegetarian!  I am sure that everyone has their own quirk...right?  Can't I be allowed to determine what I eat?

At any rate...I wanted to clear the air about some vegetarian misconceptions as well as fill you in on how a vegetarians and vegans get their protein! These tips are also great for those of you who do eat meat as all of these protein sources are healthy, real food, and can easily be added into your diet!