Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Healthy Microwave Potato Chips

That is right--MICROWAVE potato chips! I saw a post on this a few months ago and thought for sure it was a hoax. I don't say it often, but I stand corrected. These chips came out crispy with ZERO oil or fat!  They were so easy to make and my kids actually loved them. My husband looked at me like I was crazy (not a first time) when I told him what I was doing. After his first taste, he was the one admitting that he was wrong!

Click HERE to find out how to make this salty snack!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Follow Along Linky Party is LIVE!!!

It's PARTY Time!

So grab a hand and follow the leader!
If you have a blog or website with any article pertaining to family, fitness, being cheap (I mean frugal), crafting, recipes, or is just plain fun.... 
Anything goes....I have too many kids to give you rules!
Also, link up your social profiles like Sverve, Klout, Top Mommy Blogs, etc, to grab some social media love!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fun Summer Learning for All Ages! Power my Learning ROCKS!

Summer has been in full swing at my house which means that the kids have been playing outside and enjoying the great summer weather...or at least they were. The weather has taken a turn for the worse lately and I have found that my kids have either been in front of an xbox, computer, or other gaming system. Sadly, books and learning have been no where in sight.While I wasn't terribly concerned at first, the minute my 1st grader (who can read perfectly) suggested that I read to him because "he didn't feel like it" - I became worried. We are planning to homeschool 3 of our children this year and starting out the year behind does not sound like my idea of fun.

The 1st grader!
I was totally thrilled to find out about PowerMyLearning! PowerMyLearning is a fun and exciting website with educational games and activities for kids of all ages! I immediately signed in and added 2 of my children's profiles to the site and turned them loose. After about 10 minutes, I found 3 children huddled around my laptop laughing hysterically. My first thought was they had ventured away from the site and to you tube...to my surprise, they were laughing at an educational game! Even my preschool aged son was getting in on the action and learning about beginning sounds and building words!

On PowerMyLearning, you can find activities for children in grades K through 12 in courses like math, language, reading, art, science, and more. These activities are NOT just for homeschooled children! The games and videos are a great way for parents to be involved in the learning process and a fantastic way to beat the summer "slide" (loss of information learned in previous school year) that most kids experience before returning to school the next year.

Not only are the games on PowerMyLearning relevant, and vary depending on grade level, but they are addictive! My children begged to get back to the games after dinner and was the first thing that they asked for in the morning. My oldest son even heard them laughing and playing and decided that he should visit the site too and do a little learning "catch up" as he called it.

As a parent, I think that the best part about PowerMyLearning is that the games and videos come from trusted sources. You will see names like PBS, Scholastic, BBC, and other well known educational outlets. The site is safe for kids and  is so easy to navigate. It even encourages the kids to play more by giving them play points for each completed activity. With 4 kids in the house competing....it is sure to be a quick race for points!

So...now I am not so worried about the "screen time" that my children are having. They aren't simply watching shows, they are interacting! I have found them writing, reading, doing math problems, and learning TOGETHER! I say that is a WIN!

Check out PowerMyLearning for your kids! It is FREE, FUN, and an AMAZING tool for parents, children, and teachers.  You just may get addicted to the games too!

This post was sponsored by a fantastic website who provides learning and educational activities for children in grades K-12. This company has in no way asked me to alter my opinions about their product nor would I do so. The opinions contained within this post are entirely my own. I will only promote a company with a product that I believe in and feel good about sharing with others.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2 Days LEFT for the HUGE Cloth Diaper and Eco baby Giveaway!

The 12 Blogger of Christmas - In JULY! 3 AWESOME Giveaways!

The 12 Bloggers of Christmas--in July will be bringing you 3 fantastic giveaways!

1. Blogger Ad Bundle - WINNER CHOSEN!

2. Green Baby Bundle - Starts the 19th

3. Health and Wellness Bundle - Starts July 25

You Hosts for the 12 Bloggers of Christmas in July Giveaways Are:

Heather May from Frugal Fit Family - Nicole from 365(ish) Days of Pinterest - Christina from Juggling Real Food and Real Life - Rebecca from A Beautiful Ruckus - Brianna from Craft and Repeat - Mrs. A-Ok from Mrs. AOK , A work in Progress - Kelly from Hoppy Bottoms - Cathy from A Peek Into My Paradise -  Amy from One Artsy Mama - Mustang Sally and Penny Lane from Sisters Raising Sisters - Leah from Leah Inspired - Emily from Naptime Creations


On the second Giveaway of the 12 Bloggers of Christmas Giveaway, the 12 Bloggers are Giving to you....

Why Organic Skincare? A guest post

I started my “green” mission with homemade organic cleaners. It was an easy switch that saved me tons of money- then I moved onto food. It sounds easy to do but for a family who ate out at least 3 times a week, it was a bit of a culture shock. After finding great recipes from my blogger buddies, I easily transitioned my family to a 95% organic diet! My kids LOVE our “real” food and love coming up with new ideas and recipes! Not only are we healthier but we save a ton of money AND have found a way to healthfully bond over food! SCORE

I recently realized that there was one area that I had not attacked yet…my makeup and skincare products! I typically buy whatever is cheapest and as we know, that is normally not the organic versions! But why sould you go organic with your skincare and how can you do it on a budget?

My blog "crush" recently asked me to share some information with her readers about it! I ope you will check it out! While you are there, please check out some of her amazing posts! She shares so much information on cloth diapering, eco living, and even does cloth diaper and eco baby consultations...she is a great resource!


Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY Slimming Body Wrap - 2 ways!

I am sure that you are all well aware of the slimming body wraps that are available on the market. The basis behind them is very simple and I have tried them and can say that they do work BUT spending a hundred bucks or so a month for maintenance - not in my budget!

So...I found out a few ways  to make them myself and a few of them worked!

Click HERE to find out 2 different ways to DIY the slimming body wrap! With jut a few basic ingredients and some time, you can say goodbye to a few inches!!

On Display Monday Linky Party!

Just like in my twenties...I am turning out to be a party girl!

I am so proud to be a party of the fun group of gals who put on the On Display Monday Link Party..each one of us brings something to the table...now, we are waiting for you to do the same!

Link up your DIY, craft, hobby, or recipe and check out some other awesome projects...we will wait here for you!

CLICK HERE to get to the PARTY!

Children's Music Lessons Made Easy! Grab 20% off TakeLessons!

This will be the first year that my husband and I are planning to homeschool 4 of our 5 children. It was a tough decision and one that we spent a lot of time investigating before we made our final decision to jump in and go for it. One of our biggest fears was that our children would miss out on the "extras"...things like Art, Phys Ed, and most especially music. Music played an important role in my life as a child- I was active in band, orchestra, and vocal groups and truly believe it is something that all children should experience. That does not mean that I remember ANY of those talents or skills to pass along to my children but it is something that I do want to share with them! Thankfully for us, we learned about TakeLessons! It is the answer that we were looking for because it is an option that fits so easily into our lives.

TakeLessons Logo
TakeLessons is a fantastic service that connects students and families with private music instructors and academic instructors who can provide in home, in studio, and even ONLINE lessons. Your child can select from over 30 different courses - things like guitar, violin, dance, acting, and even singing lessons! This means that each of my children can select the course that suits them- thank goodness...5 drummers would be a lot to handle! TakeLessons makes it so easy to jump in and get started.  They have already done a thorough screening of the instructors INCLUDING an extensive background check as well as provide you the tools to handle scheduling, billing, and coordination...the hardest thing you have to decide is which class to take!

The Partridge FamilyThe lesson prices vary depending on which service you select.  Their most popular lesson package is Quarterly (book 12 lessons, get 1 free). They also include month-to-month options and even Flex lessons where you coordinate lesson times as you go along with your instructor. TakeLessons also provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee!  If you're not satisfied with your first lesson, they will find you another teacher, or refund all of your original purchase price, including the first lesson. The best part is that TakeLessons isn't just for kids! They can provide teachers for all ages and all experience levels so I can still pick up my flute and start a band with my kids! I can totally get behind a "Partridge Family" type group. I will grab my gogo boots (yep, I have them) and have always wanted to paint a bus so here goes nothing!

If you are interested in checking out TakeLessons, you are in luck! They have offered my readers 20% off all lessons packages with promo code “SUMMERMUSIC38”! Use this code when you book online or can even give them a call to talk to a live person about pricing, needs, and questions! Call TakeLessons at 619-618-7959 and be sure to grab your 20% off with the promo code!

This post was sponsored by an amazing company who offers private music and arts instruction. The opinions contained within are my own. I do not claim to be nor make an effort to be an expert on a certain topic, product or service.  I will only endorse companies, products and services that I believe, based on my own experiences, are worthy of endorsement.  All product or service claims should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Follow Along LINK UP!

It's PARTY Time!

So grab a hand and follow the leader!
If you have a blog or website with any article pertaining to family, fitness, being cheap (I mean frugal), crafting, recipes, or is just plain fun.... Link it up! This week, add your blog, social media, and your ETSY SHOP! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY Organic Pest Spray for the Garden AND $5 off to Home Depot!

Yes...This WAS my broccoli!
So I planted a garden this year....I am pretty proud to say that it didn't die...well, at least not by my hand! My boxer actually took care of eating my garden full of peppers, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, and zucchini...but that is a story in itself! Before the demise of my beautiful garden, I returned from vacation to find it becoming snack food for some bugs! This was not how my garden was going down (if I only ad a crystal ball, I could have avoided the whole boxer eating the garden thing!) so I went to the trusty internet to find a solution.

Since I am on a path to getting my family to live organically, I was not about to spray toxins all over my plants! If I expected the foods I bought at the grocery to be organic, I should expect the same out of my own backyard, right?!? So, I did some research and found that pests could be driven away from your garden with a SIMPLE recipe!

Pinecone Research is Accepting Applications!

That's right... Pinecone research is accepting applications! Pinecone Research is a fantastic WELL RESPECTED company that offers you incentives to take part in brand surveys. I am a part of this panel and can tell you that the surveys are typically about a brand and their potential new products! The surveys are short and at the end, you are awarded points to convert into cool prizes!

It is an amazing way to earn money while online!!

Easy Tomato Basil Panzanella Recipe - A Guest Post over at A Peek Into My Paradise

I am so honored that I was asked by my friend over at A Peek Into My Paradise to Share a recipe with her fans! I decided to choose my easy recipe for Panzanella! I am not a "fancy" cook and I know that the name sounds "fancy" but really....it is just a bread salad! I started making it because my kids won't eat the crusts of bread so it was an easy way to utilize the discarded crust pieces but continue making it because it is awesome! I hope you will stop over at my friend Cathy's site and check out my recipe! While you are there, stop and look around at her awesome recipes AND she is a party girl so there may be an amazing blog hop to check out! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Etsy Shop Hop #1

Welcome to the FIRST Ever ETSY SHOP HOP at Frugal Fit Family!

This party evolved because I noticed that most "Blog Hops" and "Linky" Parties have decided to make the rule - No Etsy Shops! I decided that Etsy Shop Owners need a way to mingle too!

The rules are very simple! Simply Link Up your Etsy shop, your shopping page of your blog, or even an Ebay Store! There is also a linkup for your blog as well as one for a social media link!

The idea is that we can grow our network of other shop owners! Please visit other stores, favorite items, share if you are compelled, and have FUN!

Monday, July 15, 2013

On Display Monday Linky Party #10

Just like in my twenties...I am turning out to be a party girl! I am so proud to be a party of the fun group of gals who put on the On Display Monday Link Party..each one of us brings something to the table...now, we are waiting for you to do the same!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Order Photos Online at Walgreens And Save BIG!

If you haven't tried Walgreen's Online Photo Services, you are missing out! Simply upload your pictures to Walgreens with a few clicks! From there, not only can you order prints but you can also edit, embellish, create gifts (like mugs, shirts, calenders, collages), and SAVE BIG!

If you have family that lives far away, you can place the order and let them pick it up at their nearest Walgreens!

Here are just a few of the awesome photo coupons being offered by Walgreens this week!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Friday Follow Along is LIVE!

It's PARTY Time!

So grab a hand and follow the leader!
If you have a blog or website with any article pertaining to family, fitness, being cheap (I mean frugal), crafting, recipes, or is just plain fun.... 
If you don't have anything to share, swing  by and see what everyone else is up to this week and don't forget to visit the linky party directory to find your next hop!

Homemade Vanilla Latte Cellulite Reducing Coffee Scrub

Now...I know the words "cellulite reduction" got you to read so I am going to disclose in advance that this will not ELIMINATE cellulite...but, coffee has been used for and sworn by to reduce cellulite in many cultures - so, why not try it! It appears to have originated in Africa and stars like Halle Berry sing it's praises and I don't see any cellulite there- so I am in!

Defining Roles or Defining Us - A guest post over at Sisters Raising Sisters

I don't open up about my marriage very often BUT after reading some amazing posts over at my friends' blog Sisiters Raising Sisters (and a moving sermon on Esther)...I felt compelled to share.  Sisters Raising Sisters is an awesome website where they speak about Empowered Traditionalism, Faith, Homemaking, and other cool tricks (like hotrodding a power wheel, seriously)!

My husband and I just celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary and while we knew we were meant to be...others were surprised to see us make it this far. Not only did we marry right out of high school but we also turned our marital roles upside down to make life work.

My husband does all of the cleaning, the laundry, and even the yardwork- He was even a work at home dad while I built a career outside of the home. You may think this makes me lazy but with 5 kids....I have a lot of toilets to take apart, items to repair, and sinks to unclog!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Guest Post: Which Baby Items to Splurge on and when to SAVE!

 I am honored to have the fantastic Katie from Moore from Katie here to talk about what items she advises saving on and which she says to splurge on when buying for baby!

Check her out at her Blog Moore from Katie then follow her on twitter HERE!  

She has a fun website that talks about baby, healthy living, fitness, and all things MOMMY!

ON Display Monday Link Party #9!

Just like in my twenties...I am turning out to be a party girl! I am so proud to be a party of the fun group of gals who put on the On Display Monday Link Party..each one of us brings something to the table...now, we are waiting for you to do the same!

This week has been crazy around the Frugal Fit Family World! I won't bore you with details but I am frantically working on my Christmas in July Giveaway! If you are interested in being a part of it...Here are some quick notes....

I want to do 3 or 4 prize packs....1 blogger, 1 baby, 1 health and beauty...Links start at just $1 or you can contribute to the prize packs and get FREE LINKS...Here is the form if you want to get in!  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_bO1CuSkFPWcyifh16wdWmBFN69Vr6INuFQWh-UxzLY/viewform

I Also ADDED A BLOGHOP DIRECTORY TO THE SITE!! If you host a bloghop, please add it HERE at the FRUGAL FIT FAMILY LINKY PARTY DIRECTORY! or just swing by and find your next party!  

Enough paperwork right?!?!? CLICK HERE TO GET ON WITH THE PARTY!!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Earn CASH from your used Cd's, DVD's, and Games!

Check out MusicMagpie.com!

If you have been reading Frugal Fit Family, you know that I am a stinker for making money off the things that I am no longer using. If I can't use it, I either re-purpose it or sell it on Ebay. I recently found of a new way though to make cash off my used CDs, DVDs, and Games that is way easier and more profitable than selling on Ebay. Tell me a person who doesn't have at least a dozen of these guys laying around that simply aren't used and are just sitting there taking up space...Time to kick the clutter and make some cash. The MusicMagpie online service gives you CASH for your used items! They actually give you an instant buy price, pay for the shipping, and pay you via check for your items!

 Not only is it  a great way to make a few extra bucks BUT it can also end up helping the environment! 

Did you know......
  • A disc tossed into a landfill will be there for 500 years!
  • If you recycle just sixteen DVDs or CDs, you would have enough gas to run the average car for a mile.
  • Recordable Cd's actually have gold inside that can be recovered when the discs is recycled correctly!
I am sure that you are more interested in HOW TO MAKE GREEN from your items...but just in case, check out some more environmental facts HERE

Now, It's so Easy to be green and earn green!

How it works
Enter or scan a DVD, CD or Game barcode on the MusicMagpie website to get an instant value
Send your items to us for FREE using our FREE Shipping Service Labels
Get CASH for your DVDs, CDs & Games. Easy!
To find out more, click here

 So...you may ask...why is this better than Ebay?
  1. No seller's fees!
  2. You don't have to wait for the item to sell
  3. No pesky shipping fees and calculations...They send YOU the FREE Labels from magpie!
  4. You are saving the PLANET while making some GREEN!
I wanted to see approximately what the valuations would be like for some miscellanious Dvd's and games that I had laying around the house and I was pleasantly surprised! I averaged about $2 per video (Roseanne's 8th season and toy story)! Some were a little less but it is PURE profit-and lets face it, how often am I going to break out the Roseanne dvd pack....it's not so likely!

So start de-cluttering your shelves and drawers and check out MusicMagpie.com to sell your used Cd's, DVD's, and Games for CASH!

*This post was sponsored by an amazing company who is looking to pay you for your used cd's, dvd's, and games while having a positive impact on our environment. As with all sponsored posts, the opinions contained within are my own and are not in any way encouraged nor influenced by the company sponsoring this post.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Friday Follow Along Linkup is LIVE!!!

It's PARTY Time!

So grab a hand and follow the leader!

If you have a blog or website with any article pertaining to family, fitness, being cheap (I mean frugal), crafting, recipes, or is just plain fun.... 

  •  There are no real rules-except nothing x rated! 
  • Link up at least 1 post (max of 2) AND 3 social media sites so we can all follow along!
  • Visit as many links as you can and leave comments! 
  • Its just like the game Follow the leaders (host &cohosts) and  follow at least the person ahead of you and behind you. Follow others via twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin', etc 
  • Link back if you can and when!   Not required but appreciated!
  • If you have a blog hop today or this weekend...go ahead and link it up!

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin

Today I am featuring a guest post from another responsible company, Puraforce Remedies. They offer a huge number of homeopathic remedies and are always dishing out some amazing tips on their  Facebook page & on Twitter.

Today, Nicole (founder of Puraforce) is sharing her quick tips on how to beat dry skin...even in the summer!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Save Money at the Grocery - $10 back from Ibotta & More

Save money at the Grocery!!

July is finally here and that means one thing....COOKOUTS! It also means extra trips to the grocery!!

Grab a few coupons to help you save money! You will find the coupons tabs at the top of this page. We offer Redplum, Coupons.com, and Smartsouce coupons ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Don't forget to double up your savings by signing up for some amazing apps that GIVE YOU CASH back instead of a discount! This means that you can get money back on items that you purchased with a coupon!! Talk about HUGE savings!!

Check out these amazing ways to EARN CASH FOR GROCERY SHOPPING!

Savingstar - I love this one! Great offers every week The best part is that you are able to link this one to your shoppers card so there is no scanning of items or receipts...you just buy the item and the money is transferred directly into your saving star account. There is a LOW payout so you can have the money sent to either paypal or your checking account!  You can access the savingstar site through your computer OR download the awesome app! No junk mail ever!!!

Here are just a few  of their great offers this week! They say save...but they mean BANK!

Save $5.00 when you spend $20.00 on any StarKist® 12 oz Tuna Can Products

Save 50¢ when you buy ONE (1) BOX any flavor Fiber One® Bars

Save 75¢ when you buy ONE (1) BAG any flavor Nature Valley® Protein Crunchy Granola

Save 50¢ when you buy ONE (1) any flavor 4.5 OZ. OR LARGER Chex Mix®

Save 75¢ when you buy ONE (1) BOX Hershey's™ Cookies 'n' Creme cereal

Click HERE to start saving with SavingStar.com


Also Check out Ibotta!!

Right now they are running their "Share the Love" Promotion! You can grab a quick $10 just for signing up PLUS bonuses for referring friends!
Here is how!
Love for your friends: All new users who sign up for Ibotta can earn $10 for redeeming 5 offers within 2 weeks of registering for Ibotta.  New users can find Share The Love details under Bonuses from the Main Menu on the Ibotta app.

This offer is for a limited time only.  Only new users who are registering on a unique device are eligible.

Love for you: Earn cash for referring friends who register and open Ibotta on a unique device through your personal referral link which can be found on the app under Invite Friends in the Main Menu.  Every time you earn a Friend Bonus, you earn cash and unlock additional Bonuses which take you to new earning levels.

This is on top of AMAZING ways to earn cash for the products you are buying! Simply download the app and check out their deals. You will have a quick "task" to do to earn extra cash back with the purchase. These "tasks"can range from learning a fact, watching a commercial, or even sharing on facebook. The time is NOW to join and start saving! They have a low payout too (only $5) so you can grab cash back on your first trip! They also now offer some great store specific deals too! It is a GREAT WAY to EARN CASH BACK!

This week, they have some great offers to save:
Save on organic baby food from Plum Kids - 3 different varieties are offering $1 on each!
Ruffles, Lays, and Cheetos are all offering cash back!
Huge savings on Kool Aid and more!

You can also click HERE for a quick list of some great printable coupons. Remember...you can always couple these with both Savingstar and Endorse coupons ---A quick tip to really save is to use them ALL if they match up. The grocery store registers don't know about your secret weapon so use them!!!

Have a great 4th of July and enjoy saving and EARNING money for your grocery shopping!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

On Display Linky Party #8!

Just like in my twenties...I am turning out to be a party girl! I am so proud to be a party of the fun group of gals who put on the On Display Monday Link Party..each one of us brings something to the table...now, we are waiting for you to do the same!

This week I was so honored  to be nominated for a Liebster by my good pal Amybecca from Love, Amybecca. I would LOVE for you to swing and check out some things you did not know about me by reading my acceptance speech here - They LIKE me...They really LIKE me!

I Also ADDED A BLOGHOP DIRECTORY TO THE SITE!! If you host a bloghop, please add it HERE at the FRUGAL FIT FAMILY LINKY PARTY DIRECTORY! or just swing by and find your next party!