Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fun Summer Learning for All Ages! Power my Learning ROCKS!

Summer has been in full swing at my house which means that the kids have been playing outside and enjoying the great summer weather...or at least they were. The weather has taken a turn for the worse lately and I have found that my kids have either been in front of an xbox, computer, or other gaming system. Sadly, books and learning have been no where in sight.While I wasn't terribly concerned at first, the minute my 1st grader (who can read perfectly) suggested that I read to him because "he didn't feel like it" - I became worried. We are planning to homeschool 3 of our children this year and starting out the year behind does not sound like my idea of fun.

The 1st grader!
I was totally thrilled to find out about PowerMyLearning! PowerMyLearning is a fun and exciting website with educational games and activities for kids of all ages! I immediately signed in and added 2 of my children's profiles to the site and turned them loose. After about 10 minutes, I found 3 children huddled around my laptop laughing hysterically. My first thought was they had ventured away from the site and to you my surprise, they were laughing at an educational game! Even my preschool aged son was getting in on the action and learning about beginning sounds and building words!

On PowerMyLearning, you can find activities for children in grades K through 12 in courses like math, language, reading, art, science, and more. These activities are NOT just for homeschooled children! The games and videos are a great way for parents to be involved in the learning process and a fantastic way to beat the summer "slide" (loss of information learned in previous school year) that most kids experience before returning to school the next year.

Not only are the games on PowerMyLearning relevant, and vary depending on grade level, but they are addictive! My children begged to get back to the games after dinner and was the first thing that they asked for in the morning. My oldest son even heard them laughing and playing and decided that he should visit the site too and do a little learning "catch up" as he called it.

As a parent, I think that the best part about PowerMyLearning is that the games and videos come from trusted sources. You will see names like PBS, Scholastic, BBC, and other well known educational outlets. The site is safe for kids and  is so easy to navigate. It even encourages the kids to play more by giving them play points for each completed activity. With 4 kids in the house is sure to be a quick race for points! I am not so worried about the "screen time" that my children are having. They aren't simply watching shows, they are interacting! I have found them writing, reading, doing math problems, and learning TOGETHER! I say that is a WIN!

Check out PowerMyLearning for your kids! It is FREE, FUN, and an AMAZING tool for parents, children, and teachers.  You just may get addicted to the games too!

This post was sponsored by a fantastic website who provides learning and educational activities for children in grades K-12. This company has in no way asked me to alter my opinions about their product nor would I do so. The opinions contained within this post are entirely my own. I will only promote a company with a product that I believe in and feel good about sharing with others.