Monday, July 1, 2013

On Display Linky Party #8!

Just like in my twenties...I am turning out to be a party girl! I am so proud to be a party of the fun group of gals who put on the On Display Monday Link Party..each one of us brings something to the, we are waiting for you to do the same!

This week I was so honored  to be nominated for a Liebster by my good pal Amybecca from Love, Amybecca. I would LOVE for you to swing and check out some things you did not know about me by reading my acceptance speech here - They LIKE me...They really LIKE me!

I Also ADDED A BLOGHOP DIRECTORY TO THE SITE!! If you host a bloghop, please add it HERE at the FRUGAL FIT FAMILY LINKY PARTY DIRECTORY! or just swing by and find your next party!