Friday, October 14, 2016

New York Biology Eye Gel Review

Another Anti Wrinkle Cream... Another Review!

This is maybe the third product from New York Biology that I have tried and I can honestly tell was my favorite!

Check out my review....You can get yours through AMAZON HERE

There were so many things that I liked about this product. Number one has to be that there are ORGANIC ingredients listed! Close second is that its not tested on animals and rounding out third is the fact that it works! Budget friendly and easy for a mom of five!
I did receive this product for free in exchange for my honest review. My opinions and statements are my own.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

MAXAM 8 Oz Stainless Steel Flask

Alright, ya'll...Gonna say it....This was the coolest review I have even been given, lol! 
8 ounce flask from MAXAM!
Yep, you read it right---That is a FLASK!

While I personally don't make it a habit to "day drink", I know that plenty of people tend to need an additional nip every once in a while. Especially during weddings, family reunions, you know - the typical. So, armed with this shiny stainless steel flask, I took to the bourbon.

This is a HUGE flask, It's a solid 8 ounces which is 8 full size shots of booze. Its extremely lightweight and is sold through Amazon at a decent price. This would make a lovely addition to any gift basket. 

As for its use...
DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT, put carbonated beverages into this flask! No sodas or tonics! 
This is a flask and it is meant for just booze. Think vodka, bourbon, whiskey, rum.  It has a tight locking flip and twist top that is easy to use and worked well. 

If you are looking for that super nice flask to give as a retirement or grooms' gift...this may not be it. This flask is lightweight, affordable, and I am not certain if you could have it engraved or not. It IS the perfect flask to throw into a gift basket or for a novelty gift. 
This would be the perfect basket to toss the flask into!

If you are ready to get your flask - grab it HERE from Amazon. 

I did receive this item for FREE in exchange for my fair and honest opinion. The fact that  I was given a discount in no way influenced or altered my opinion of the product.  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Swiss Vita All Use 3D Anti Wrinkle Serum Review

Here is another great product from Swiss Vita and I can't say enough great things about it!

This time, I reviewed the Swiss Vita 3D all use anti-wrinkle serum.

Like the other products that I have tried from this brand, it arrives in an aluminum tube. This is really important because the tube protects the active ingredients from the elements. Light, air, and even your skin can cause ingredients to activate leaving them inactive when you actually go to use them. The tube they use...keeps this from happening. HELLOOO value!

I also like that there are no additives. No pigments, no fragrance, no alcohol and no parabens added. Now, you may not be avoiding parabens but I do. There is a lot of speculation over the safety of parabens but its my belief that---if I can't understand it--I shouldn't put it on or in my body lol!

This tube does have a rather lengthy ingredient list and I wish that it were a bit simpler but the results are simple to see. 

This is a serum and goes on lightly and is wearable under my makeup. I use it twice a day. 

The ingredients not only help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but also help to protect your skin from the elements! 

My favorite areas of improvement...between my brows, crows feet, AROUND MY EYES and smile lines. While I earned them all...I am happy to see them go away! 
After use (approx 1 week)
This serum contains  AC-11®, which is derived from a natural herb from the Amazon rainforest. This safe, all-natural and water-soluble ingredient has been discovered to aid the body's natural skin tissue repair and slow down the process of skin aging. (taken from the company's website). 

You can get yours on Amazon 

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. I was not influenced by this and all opinions and statements are my own. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

SwissVita 3D All Use Cleanser Cream Review

Okay, ya'll...this isn't the first Swiss Vita product that I have reviewed! Honestly, I think that I am up to four and I have to say far...I have been impressed!

This time, It was their face wash. It was a simple, easy to use Swiss Vita facewash with AC-11. This stuff left my skin feeling soft and healthy. This face wash gave a nice lather without drying my skin and there was no redness or reaction!

My absolute favorite part about Swissvita is that they really care about the ingredients. They always pack their ingredients in a pharmaceutical grade aluminum. This protects your ingredients from the elements -- keeping them active longer!

They also pack their products with naturally based effective ingredients. This product features AC-11 from the rainforest which helps your skin heal and de-stress. It also has extracts from "the tree of miracles" which helps to even skin tone and complexion. It has 8 different types of amino acids which leave your skin with a radiant glow!

This facewash cleans and purifies skin, helps smooth fine lines, and seriously gives a refreshing clean to your skin care routine. 

Now, the only downside to this product was that I couldn't find much about the nature of the ingredients. Typically, with SwissVita, it says right on the package that they are lacking colors, scents, unnecessary ingredients...this was wasn't specifically labeled. Other than that... I REALLY LIKE IT!

Wanna get yours? Grab it from AMAZON HERE!

I did receive this item for FREE in exchange for my honest review. All statements and opinions are my own and never for sale. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

T-Spray Tooth film Review

When I was asked to review "TOOTH FILM"....I honestly was like..."what the heck is that?". The message said no harsh chemicals, no colorants, was able to promote a healthy mouth...and was FREE. I WAS SOLD!

So, I went on good old Amazon and ordered mine. I was immediately concerned as cranberry was the only flavor left. I HATE CRANBERRY. Again, being dedicated, I pressed on!

Well, this so called "toothfilm" has impressed me and made me a believer!

The flavor - upon my first spritz- reminded me of cough syrup but then mellows out and actually is refreshing! This was a super pleasant surprise since 1) I hate cranberry and 2) I typically don't like many of those harsh breath sprays on the market. The ones you usually grab at the drug store taste like alcohol (sometimes welcomed) and have artificial ingredients - no good.

Why tooth film? First and foremost, it eliminates bad breath. It doesn't do it in an overwhelming way though.  This spray has a light flavor and smell. Second, it helps to keep control of the PH level in your mouth and protects gums. Third, it actually can help strengthen teeth! Most important to me was that it contains no artificial flavors, scents, or colors. What isn't to love about this stuff?!

Its available through amazon at this link. Check it out!

If you have tried it...let me know what you  think!

I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review of the product. This in no way influenced my review nor my opinions. All statements above are my own.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita Recipe - Low Carb - SHIKSHOOK COCKTAIL SET REVIEW

Okay...just made some awesome strawberry jalapeno margaritas and I have to share!

Typically when you order a margarita or buy one off the shelf at the store...they are LOADED with sugar and preservatives. So, sometimes, you just have to DIY! You can make this lower in sugar and carbs or you can simply use traditional ingredients for a margarita that is out of this world!



  • 4 slices of jalapeƱos
  • 1 fresh strawberry
  • 1.5 oz tequila
  • .5 triple Sec
  • 3 oz sour mix (see low sugar recipe below)
  • 2 tsp sugar or sugar substitute

Add the jalapeƱo, strawberry and sugar to the mixing cup. Smash with a muddler or back of a spoon. Toss in other ingredients along with ice and shake!

Pour it in a glass with your choice of a salt or sugar rim! This drink it gonna take your next event up a notch!

Oh...wait, remember I said I could hook you up with a low-carb sour mix recipe?

1 cup water, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 2 tablespoons lime juice and 1/4 cup artificial sweetener 

Add the water and sweetener together and bring to a boil. Let these cool. Add the juices together and BAM - low carb sour/Margarita mix!

Wanna get this awesome bar set and make a cocktail like a pro!? Grab yours from Amazon. I can actually say that I was pretty impressed with this one. It all fits nicely in a velvet back that is included. The shaker tin is a nice weight and has some engraving - which is a nice touch. The lid fits on nicely but isn't too tight. I have experienced ones that are both loose or too tight and I end up with the drink ALL OVER ME! So finding one that fits was a welcomed change. It came with two pour spouts for liquor and a cool jigger with both a 1 ounce and half ounce measure.  REALLY, I LIKED IT! You can get yours through Amazon HERE.

I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review. In no way did this influence my opinion of the product and all of my statements and opinions are my own.

I hope your enjoy!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Phytopia USA SlimWay and Stretch Mark Remover Essential Oils Review

Another day...another review! This time, the brand hit many of my "MUST TRY" items! First, they are essential oils, that alone was a no brainer. Second, I see the word organic on the packaging, they were speaking my language. Third, they said weightloss and stretch mark remover - SOLD!

These two essential oils are from Phytopia USA. They come in super cute boxes and are then delicately packaged in burlap style bags. This makes them a great gift for yourself or someone else! The bottle is a great size and if you care about the oils you place on your will love these! THEY ARE ORGANIC!

The first is a Stretch Mark Remover blend.
I am usually pretty skeptical about using some essential oils because, lets be real, some have a strong odor! This one was pleasant and easy to wear! Not sure that I am seeing too many results yet BUT, as we know, things take time. I have only been using them for a few days. They feel great, are high quality and definitely usable! It is super hydrating and leaves your skin feeling awesome. Get yours on Amazon -

The second, is Slim Way. The first thing I will tell you is that IT SMELLS AMAZING! It is a grapefruit scent and I received compliments on how great it smells! It is a grapefruit oil which is supposed to help suppress your appetite. Again, it has been just a few days . Grapefruit is said to help fight cravings, help with menstrual cramp relief, purge extra water from your body, help firm and tighten. Basically, grapefruit is a one stop shop! Feels amazing and makes skin so soft. The scent does immediately give you a mood and spirit boost - DEFINITE WIN! Get yours from amazon-

I did receive these items for FREE in exchange for my fair and honest review. The statements and opinions expressed are my own and never for sale.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

DIY muscle relieving ointment and a Tennis Elbow Brace Review!

Let's face it...we all get muscle aches and pains. In my daily life, I am constantly lifting, carrying, stocking, using a computer, twisting, name it- I do it! One other thing I always do is try to go as organic and all natural in my treatments of ailments and illnesses. It's very important to me that we do what we can to control the amount of chemicals we place in and in our bodies and this includes how I treat muscle aches and pains. Sure, I could go buy a container of ICY HOT or some other over the counter remedy but the ingredients are pretty lengthy and honestly, for me, the fewer ingredients...the better.

This brings me to this recipe. A super easy, natural muscle ache remedy. It takes just a few minutes to make and is made with ingredients you can easily obtain!

You will need:
  • 1/2 cup of coconut oil
  • 5 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 2 Tbsp. Cayenne pepper
  • 5 drops eucalyptus essential oil

What I love about this is that it is sooo easy to make! Take a plastic container and slightly melt the coconut oil. It will only take a few seconds in the microwave. Once it is melted...add the ingredients and stir! Once cooled, the coconut oil will go back to a solid state. You can leave this at room temp or store in the fridge then rub it on achy muscles as needed.

Coconut oil makes an amazing carrier for this ointment as it has tons of nourishing properties for your skin. It is also a very clean oil with no additives. The peppermint oil will provide the cooling sensation.  Cayenne is good for a few reasons. First, it contains capsaicin which helps alleviate pain and, second,  it also promotes circulation which will help muscles rebound and heal. The eucalyptus oil helps with inflammation and natural pain relief.

Now, if you wanna a little relief and pain can also try a brace! They are easy to use and provide some relief...which was shocking to me!  I found these awesome tennis elbow braces on Amazon. When they arrived, I opened the box and thought...really, this is it?  Well, I guess it was! They are one size fits all and You got two in a pack so its already a deal. They are easy to put on and You can wear these while doing almost anything as they don't get into the way and don't restrict your motion. I am not sure how they work exactly but They simply seem to provide the right amount of pressure and maybe even help your muscle move in the right way to keep further injuries. These were well made, easy to use and were a great deal!

This tennis elbow compression brace is available from Amazon and you can get it HERE.

Do you have a natural remedy for pain, aches, or illnesses? Let me know!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Swiss Vita 3D Micrite Anti Aging Skin Serum Review & DIY Vegan Anti Aging Mask Recipe

Here I go again...another day, another review! As I have said before, you say it eliminates or even diminishes the appearance of wrinkles...I JUMP ON IN!

This is the second Swiss Vita product I have reviewed and I am still saying that I am impressed. I am at the two week mark with this Skin serum and am seeing results.

I wish that I could find more information about Swiss Vita as there isn't too much on their website...that's where I wish that I could get some improvement for the brand. Some real awareness would be great! Here is what I do know. They stick to strict standards. They avoid additives and are paraben free, have no alcohol in their products, no fragrances and are safe for all skin types.  This is HUGE for me because my skin is really sensitive and tends to break out at the drop of a dime. So far, the Swiss Vita products and my skin are great buddies!

So this skin "serum"...I think its really more lotion like... is packed with super moisturizing ingredients. It instantly makes your skin feel softer and more moisturized. This helps to diminish the appearance of wrinkles by plumping the skin below them! It's main "active" ingredient is "phytonutrient AC-11®, which is derived from a natural herb from the Amazon rainforest. This safe, all-natural and water-soluble ingredient has been discovered to aid the body's natural skin tissue repair and slow down the process of skin aging." (taken from Swiss Vita Website). It has only been a little while so I am not certain if my aging is slowing but, as we know, that has a lot to do with stress and environment. My skin gets put through the ringer and this stuff is standing up!

This serum is extremely lightweight and is able to be worn under my makeup. I apply it in both the am and pm and it honestly takes just a small amount at each application. I also love that this company has taken the time to be thoughtful in their packaging. Its packed in aluminum to protect the integrity of the active ingredients. It protects them from light, heat and elements. It stays better longer!

You can get yours at Amazon 
End of the day...I call this product a win!

NOW...If you prefer a little DIY action, no worries... I HAVE SOME AMAZING RECIPES!

Check out this amazing DIY Anti Aging Mask made with ingredients that you probably have in your cupboard! 


If you prefer something a little more "fall" oriented...check out this amazing PUMPKIN DIY body butter! HERE

I did receive this product for FREE in exchange for my honest review. The opinions and statements contained are my own and never for sale. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Omni Green Labs Fiber Powder Review

Well, I said I would try almost anything and I didn't imagine in a million years it would be FIBER powder! I mean, nothing against fiber but I had always remembered my grandma talking about it and it's...effects (polite term). I didn't realize that Fiber was important for EVERYONE - even kids!


Fiber serves a few purposes for us. The first - and most famous purpose - its intestinal health benefits! It keeps things...uh..moving?! Fiber helps your body by acting like a scrub brush in your colon. It is said that many of our illnesses - even CANCER - start in our intestines. Bacteria gets trapped in crevices and festers and turns into other things. Adding Fiber to your diet keeps these things from getting buried in crevices and moving along through your system. You may start to notice you are sicker less often! MAJOR WIN!

Second, fiber is going to help you lose weight by helping you stay fuller longer. When you eat foods like beans and grains that are high in fiber, the sugars in them are absorbed at a slower rate. This helps to keep your blood glucose levels from spiking rapidly which can lead to that hungry feeling which causes overeating. It stays with you! can one get more fiber in their diet? You can add foods like whole grains, veggies, beans, legumes and fruits. If you are looking for "fiber on the run" - don't's available! There are tons of options on the market. Pills, supplements and even powders. 

I recently tried the Omni Green Labs Fiber Powder and found that it was easy to incorporate into my daily life! It was very easy to toss a small scoop into water or tea. I found that it wasn't chalky nor did it change the flavor of my beverage much. DO NOT ADD IT TO CAFFEINATED BEVERAGES! It also was extremely reasonable and it did help me to feel fuller longer! I added it to smoothies, water, and juices. 

You can get yours at amazon - HERE!

Whats your favorite way to get fiber?