Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Omni Green Labs Fiber Powder Review

Well, I said I would try almost anything and I didn't imagine in a million years it would be FIBER powder! I mean, nothing against fiber but I had always remembered my grandma talking about it and it's...effects (polite term). I didn't realize that Fiber was important for EVERYONE - even kids!


Fiber serves a few purposes for us. The first - and most famous purpose - its intestinal health benefits! It keeps things...uh..moving?! Fiber helps your body by acting like a scrub brush in your colon. It is said that many of our illnesses - even CANCER - start in our intestines. Bacteria gets trapped in crevices and festers and turns into other things. Adding Fiber to your diet keeps these things from getting buried in crevices and moving along through your system. You may start to notice you are sicker less often! MAJOR WIN!

Second, fiber is going to help you lose weight by helping you stay fuller longer. When you eat foods like beans and grains that are high in fiber, the sugars in them are absorbed at a slower rate. This helps to keep your blood glucose levels from spiking rapidly which can lead to that hungry feeling which causes overeating. It stays with you!

So...how can one get more fiber in their diet? You can add foods like whole grains, veggies, beans, legumes and fruits. If you are looking for "fiber on the run" - don't worry....it's available! There are tons of options on the market. Pills, supplements and even powders. 

I recently tried the Omni Green Labs Fiber Powder and found that it was easy to incorporate into my daily life! It was very easy to toss a small scoop into water or tea. I found that it wasn't chalky nor did it change the flavor of my beverage much. DO NOT ADD IT TO CAFFEINATED BEVERAGES! It also was extremely reasonable and it did help me to feel fuller longer! I added it to smoothies, water, and juices. 

You can get yours at amazon - HERE!

Whats your favorite way to get fiber?