Sunday, September 11, 2016

T-Spray Tooth film Review

When I was asked to review "TOOTH FILM"....I honestly was like..."what the heck is that?". The message said no harsh chemicals, no colorants, was able to promote a healthy mouth...and was FREE. I WAS SOLD!

So, I went on good old Amazon and ordered mine. I was immediately concerned as cranberry was the only flavor left. I HATE CRANBERRY. Again, being dedicated, I pressed on!

Well, this so called "toothfilm" has impressed me and made me a believer!

The flavor - upon my first spritz- reminded me of cough syrup but then mellows out and actually is refreshing! This was a super pleasant surprise since 1) I hate cranberry and 2) I typically don't like many of those harsh breath sprays on the market. The ones you usually grab at the drug store taste like alcohol (sometimes welcomed) and have artificial ingredients - no good.

Why tooth film? First and foremost, it eliminates bad breath. It doesn't do it in an overwhelming way though.  This spray has a light flavor and smell. Second, it helps to keep control of the PH level in your mouth and protects gums. Third, it actually can help strengthen teeth! Most important to me was that it contains no artificial flavors, scents, or colors. What isn't to love about this stuff?!

Its available through amazon at this link. Check it out!

If you have tried it...let me know what you  think!

I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review of the product. This in no way influenced my review nor my opinions. All statements above are my own.