Sunday, July 7, 2013

Earn CASH from your used Cd's, DVD's, and Games!

Check out!

If you have been reading Frugal Fit Family, you know that I am a stinker for making money off the things that I am no longer using. If I can't use it, I either re-purpose it or sell it on Ebay. I recently found of a new way though to make cash off my used CDs, DVDs, and Games that is way easier and more profitable than selling on Ebay. Tell me a person who doesn't have at least a dozen of these guys laying around that simply aren't used and are just sitting there taking up space...Time to kick the clutter and make some cash. The MusicMagpie online service gives you CASH for your used items! They actually give you an instant buy price, pay for the shipping, and pay you via check for your items!

 Not only is it  a great way to make a few extra bucks BUT it can also end up helping the environment! 

Did you know......
  • A disc tossed into a landfill will be there for 500 years!
  • If you recycle just sixteen DVDs or CDs, you would have enough gas to run the average car for a mile.
  • Recordable Cd's actually have gold inside that can be recovered when the discs is recycled correctly!
I am sure that you are more interested in HOW TO MAKE GREEN from your items...but just in case, check out some more environmental facts HERE

Now, It's so Easy to be green and earn green!

How it works
Enter or scan a DVD, CD or Game barcode on the MusicMagpie website to get an instant value
Send your items to us for FREE using our FREE Shipping Service Labels
Get CASH for your DVDs, CDs & Games. Easy!
To find out more, click here may ask...why is this better than Ebay?
  1. No seller's fees!
  2. You don't have to wait for the item to sell
  3. No pesky shipping fees and calculations...They send YOU the FREE Labels from magpie!
  4. You are saving the PLANET while making some GREEN!
I wanted to see approximately what the valuations would be like for some miscellanious Dvd's and games that I had laying around the house and I was pleasantly surprised! I averaged about $2 per video (Roseanne's 8th season and toy story)! Some were a little less but it is PURE profit-and lets face it, how often am I going to break out the Roseanne dvd's not so likely!

So start de-cluttering your shelves and drawers and check out to sell your used Cd's, DVD's, and Games for CASH!

*This post was sponsored by an amazing company who is looking to pay you for your used cd's, dvd's, and games while having a positive impact on our environment. As with all sponsored posts, the opinions contained within are my own and are not in any way encouraged nor influenced by the company sponsoring this post.