Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Greening our Children LINK-UP With Hoppy Bottoms!

Meet My Green HoppyBottom Buddy - Kelly Gentry!

I LOVE that I started my "Green Journey" with just a few quick fixes and new items and has now turned into a way of life. Through my experiences, I have been given the opportunity to share what I am learning and have had the opportunity to influence others and become a part of a community who not only knows more about the "Green" Lifestyle than I do, but is willing to share best practices and tricks to help me along the way. One such friend is Kelly Gentry from Hoppy Bottoms! If you haven't checked her out....She is a Vegan (Go Kelly) and is FILLED with great eco-friendly information and even runs an "Eco" - baby and cloth diaper consulting business!

She was recently able to attend the "Greening our Children" event and meet the fabulous Jessica Alba! Today, she is going to share with you her experiences AND give you the opportunity to share yours with our ECO FAMILY LINK-UP!
 Read all about it then share your Eco friendly tips and posts to be shared on twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest! We look forward to see how you are getting "GREEN"!