Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Father's Day...PS, my hair is PINK! The 10 excuses I prepared!

Day 1
Since I have been married, I think my husband has never been surprised by the hair color or style that I seem to choose! I have been a red head, been blonde, auburn, jet black, I have had pink streaks, teal streaks, and even orange hair. I have a strange hair philosophy that "it grows back" and that it is more of an "accessory" than anything else. Well, that whole way of thinking almost was brought to a staggering halt this weekend when my hair color CHOSE me! Does that mean that I messed up....nope. I have another- more deeply rooted- philosophy that "I am not always right...but I am NEVER wrong" I am stating for the official record that this hair color was part of the master plan.