Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Make Money at the Grocery with Endorse, Ibotta, and Savingstar!

Making Money While Shopping at the Grocery is easier than you think!

Try Endorse, Savingstar, and Ibotta!

I am an avid couponer (I prefer avid to CRAZY) and have become a little discouraged at the recent changing of coupon rules at my local grocery store. Now I can use only 6 per manufacturer-even if its a different product, only so many total coupons, NOTHING is allowed to be free.....Stop the insanity!

So, what does a cheapskate do to combat the coupon madness....I found ways to actually MAKE not just save money while at the Grocery. I have found several programs that I will share that do not save you any money--they put CASH into your bank account when you purchase specific items.  They work in very much the same way as digital coupons AND you can certainly use all 3 in combination with your checkout coupons!