Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Make Money with an Online Garage Sale!

Don't Wait for Spring to Make Extra Cash! Have a Garage Sale Online!

I am certain that most of you have seen the movie.."A Christmas Story", if you have -you will certainly remember how young Ralphie loved and talked endlessly about a Red Rider BB Gun. This is the same way that I talk about garage sales and junk. My husband calls it an addiction or an illness. He even repeats a mantra when I decide not to trash something but to save it for a future project or for an online sale. I heard him just the other day "I must remember it is an addiction, I must remember it is an addiction..." This mantra is from the same guy who has no issues spending my Ebay money....but that's a new topic, I digress. I think my "addiction" to selling my junk started at a very young age along with my addiction to sweets....