Thursday, February 28, 2013

5 Easy Ways to Reduce your Sugar Intake!

5 EASY Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake!

Tricks great for parents and children!

Yesterday, I started an article with the old Mary Poppins saying " just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" and it REALLY got me thinking about just how many "spoonfuls" of sugar we were eating everday before I started our "fit family challenge". We recently have gone to almost ZERO prepackaged foods, eat almost all organic, and swapped our sugary snacks for healthier items. In the beginning, I was stunned to find that sugar is hidden almost everywhere you look- even when you think you are making the smarter choice! Check out the label on the next "fat free" product you buy. Sugar is technically "fat-free" therefore is used in huge amounts to flavor these "diet" items even though it converts to fat once in the body. The scarier thing about sugar is that it is extremely addictive (trust me I know) and a habit passed on to our children through our actions and choices....yikes.