Saturday, March 7, 2015

MealEnders Signaling Lozenges, Review & Giveaway!

** I was provided samples to try and test from MealEnders but was not compensated for my review.

I have to say, I was pretty jazzed to try these things. I think that I have tried every diet pill, product,
miracle, and program out there but “signaling lozenges”…those were new to me.  For all of my life I have known that it was my willpower that was my crutch to weight loss. Not only can I not say no to that one extra sweet but I also am a LOVER of food so –if something is good- I will continue to eat until I am beyond stuffed.  These sweet little packages promise to deliver on both of my trouble areas with no drugs nor harmful stimulants so I thought, why not?!

When I said that my diet failures are all due to my lack of willpower, it actually turns out that I was wrong -there are more factors keeping me from losing weight!  If a diet were simply about 1 thing, we would all be skinny and thin and no one would need “diet supplements”!  It turns out that there are actually behavioral factors, sensory factors, and psychological factors too which keep us from diet success.  We all think that we HAVE to eat at a certain amount of food per day, we think that we need to eat at specific times (even if we are not hungry), and let’s face it – we ALL want to cheat on healthy eating.

It is actually your brain that tells you to eat or not to eat and not your stomach. Your stomach may send the signal that it’s hungry or full—but it’s your brain that says to stop eating.  This is why we continue to eat to the point where we say we are “beyond stuffed”! It takes a while for our stomach to send the signal and then time for our brain to process and to let us know that we are full. During this process,  we simply continue to eat past full until our brain finally tells us to stop! That’s why these Meal Enders work in a much different way than your typical “diet” product. Most products focus on fighting hunger through the stomach but these fight overeating through your mind and that is totally the help that I need!
The inside is where the magic happens
These lozenges come in 4 flavors citrus, cinnamon, mocha, and Chocolate Mint.  They have a sweet candy like coating on the outside and then the inside (the magic behind the method)…it’s like something I have never experienced before!  You simply pop one of these guys into your mouth and let the lozenge melt away. At first, you will get the sweetness of the outer coating which helps with your sweet tooth (or am I the only one with that) and then, seconds later,  your mouth will erupt with a tingling sensation. Truth be told, It almost feels like your mouth is going numb – but it’s not. The tingling feeling  will last for about 10-15 minutes and after meals will give you the appropriate time for your “full” signals to reach your brain and tell your hand to “PUT DOWN THE FORK”! 
These work at the end of a meal, at snack time, when you have the urge to cheat, or just when you need a sweet pick me up! They not only signal to your brain the end of a meal and give you time to process the “full” sensation BUT they give you the time to rethink that cupcake! They work best when they are combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

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