Tuesday, March 17, 2015

8 Confessions of a Mommy Blogger

I am finally doing it, I am writing down some of the secrets that I had hoped would NEVER get out. To me, reading mommy blogs can be EXTREMELY intimidating. Everyone makes the perfect meal, has a perfect fitness schedule, eats only healthy foods, has well polished kids, and NEVER has a hair out of place. I am brave enough to tell you that those "observations" are not correct. Life as a mommy blogger is filled with tons of UPS and TONS of OOPS!

My blog is always on my mind. Every new product that I see, every recipe I hear about, and every trend that hits the market is something that I always feel that I need to BLOG about! Are we all obsessed..maybe, but we bloggers definitely will all tell you that part. Our blog is an obsession and a passion but we do have our secrets....until now.

Here are 8 Confessions of This Mommy Blogger!

This is an acceptable outfit!
No more PHOTOS!
1) My kids are NOT ALWAYS PHOTO READY! Scratch that, they are rarely photo ready! Their hair is usually a mess, their clothes don't always match and they are not always excited to have their photo taken... enter Exhibit 1 & 2!

2) Not all recipes "work"! I have tried and failed at more recipes than I have shared. It's all in a days work and even the failures are tons of fun to try! The kids make EVERY recipe with me so how can I call them failures?

Everything she makes is perfect!

3) Of course, I want to make a few extra bucks blogging! I started this blog because I was on a mission to make my family more organic and this was a great way to hold my family accountable to new habits while sharing and saving my newly created personal recipes. From there, it grew into a passion that I hope will one day allow me to be a "blogging only" mama with my whole days filled with recipes, crafts, and fun with the kiddos.  So be kind and check out the affiliate links if you ever see something you need :)

Background mess anyone?
4) My kitchen "mess" is typically CROPPED out of a photo! Have you ever seen the counter of a blogger photo and though, "geesh, my kitchen is always a mess..,how did she keep it so clean?" ? Well, the truth here is that she maybe didn't. There could be a HUGE mess right outside of the picture that you are seeing. I don't keep mine clean either! The handy dandy crop tool makes every mess go away! Look closely in the background..my pencil, paper, and a mess! That would never show up on a recipe post!

Accidental pink hair!
5) Reviewing products is NOT always fun.
99 percent of product reviews go well and the product
works as intended. Being a "green" and "organic" blogger, I get a lot of interesting product review requests and also try many at my own expense. I recently tried a brand of green "superfoods" drink that I could not stand to smell let alone to drink! I also tried an over the counter box of hair color that went EXTREMELY WRONG! Those reviews, of course, did NOT make the blog!

6) I cheat. Okay, I said it...I CHEAT! My family lives a mostly organic lifestyle and we do make most of our foods from scratch but part of making a healthy lifestyle "work" is making it easy to stick to. Sometimes "Easy" means fast and not cooked by mommy! In true confession form, I also miss the gym on occasion and sneak a donut every once in a while. I am human and most of us are! Remember, I said this blog was to hold us accountable..I really meant me. My husband is much better at self control and will power, he lost over 100 pounds! We have, however made real improvements in our health and weight. Always remember that real people write these blogs and take a day off!

Tired of posing with organic pizza!? Too bad!
7) I sometimes embarrass my family with my "blogging". Sometimes my family LOVES my blogging habit. They love when I make a new recipe (especially the sweet ones) and when something comes in for me to try out...they open the box before I do. Then again, there are times, they hang their heads in shame. I guess photo ops in the organic aisle at the grocery store aren't fun? Waiting till momma gets the perfect shot...not happening!

8) Sometimes my posts aren't that interesting but the blogging community would never let me know it! Blogging is probably one of the most supportive communities that I have ever known. I have friends in other states, other countries, even other continents who proudly share my blog more than my own mother does! There is no competition and no jealousy just arms spread open awaiting new bloggers and opportunities to form relationships. My articles and posts are only as good as the next person who shares them and that typically is a blogger. So a HUGE THANK YOU to my  blogger buddies who make blogging more fun!

So, there it is - My list of 8 Confessions of a Mommy Blogger! I hope you enjoyed and can breathe a little easier knowing that no ones life is perfect and that we do have some help in making life look picture perfect even if its not! What are your blogging or life confessions...share!