Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Healthy Farmers Market Crispy Kale Chips

After my many years of struggling with my weight loss goals, I have finally learned one thing....deprivation is detrimental. My unhealthy eating and dieting comes directly from my mother. As a teenager we would regularly go on the "Tuna Fish Diet", "The Soup Diet", or even do an hour of aerobics followed by a large baked potato SMOTHERED in cheese and sour cream....something wasn't working. If these "diets" and methods were the key to losing weight then we would both certainly be skinny. Don't get me wrong we would occasionally see some success and would lose 5-10 pounds only to pack them back on and repeat the process. I carried these yo-yo diets throughout my twenties until I finally figured out what the major problem was....I was depriving myself INSTEAD of building healthy eating habits.

I had to find recipes that were easy, tasted great, and were family friendly.. These crispy kale chips fit the bill and I hope you enjoy this easy recipe! To see how to make these in just 20 minutes, click HERE