Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Friends in Chicago can win FREE FOOD from Jerseys Pizza and Grill! and Fundraise there too!

If you live in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago...you HAVE to get to Jersey's Pizza and Grill in Hoffman Estates! They are a family friendly - sports restaurant with a fun and exciting atmosphere and AMAZING FOOD! Trust me...it is not your typical sports bar food!!

I absolutely LOVED our experience there. It was comfortable for the kids and for us. I wish we lived there so we could go more often.

The BEST part is that Jersey's Pizza and Grill DELIVERS their food to surrounding areas!!

They have also launched an AMAZING fundraising program where your group or organization (of any size) can earn 10% of dining events! If you are interested in fundraising with Jerseys...contact their Director of Marketing Catelyn at:  catelyn@wildcatinvst.com

So...I bet you want to know what I thought about the food! To be honest, it is usually hard for me to find food that I like...I am vegetarian and some restaurants give me a hard time about altering items. The staff was so nice and made my food exactly how I wanted it! Thank you Jerseys!

My favorites:
  • Parmesan Balls (like breadsticks only Better!)
  • Green Chili Burger (my hubby's favorite)
  • The Pizzas are outstanding!
  • The Onion rings - TOTALLY MY FAVORITE PART!
  • The habanero mango sauce is awesome on ANYTHING!!
Starting TODAY...They are running an AMAZING contest where you can win FREE food just for taking a picture of you in your favorite sports gear, tagging the picture, and sharing! Check out the contest HERE!

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