Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY Organic Pumpkin Body Butter and Facial Mask!

Fall is finally here! While I am not a fan of the weather, I am a fan of one thing...PUMPKIN PIE!  Come to think of it, I pretty much love everything pumpkin: Fragrances, lotions, potpourri, cookies, you name it - I love it. Since starting my organic journey, however, I have actually found that not only do I not love the ingredient list on most canned pumpkin purees but I am absolutely against the lotions that I used to love. Just looking at the label at the local store (you know the one..smelly and TONS of stuff) made me dizzy (and it wasn't the mixture of scents)! The ingredient list read like a science experiment and one that I had no plan to take part of.

Click HERE to see how I fixed this problem with a little DIY!