Friday, October 25, 2013

8 "HEALTH" foods you should avoid!

This "salad" has over 90 grams of fat and is LOADED with sodium..
I eat "healthy"..... 

Don't I ??!?!

Here are 8 "Health" Foods To Avoid!

Big companies and their marketing teams have caught on to our attraction to items labeled "healthy", "all natural", "low fat", "Multi-Grain", and other terms indicating healthy choices and boy have they risen the charge. Walking through the grocery store, you would assume that healthy choices are easy to spot and that your cart is full of high quality products offering amazing health benefits. This is not always true. Labels can be deceiving and sometimes when a product is altered to meet criteria or a takes away everything that WAS good about it.

Since labels are conusing, I thought I would break down a little about some of the foods that are SUPPOSED to be good for you...BUT MAY BE HURTING YOU! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!