Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY Tea Tree Oil Cleaner - A Must have for cold and flu season!

While growing up, my mom's home remedy for keeping the kids healthy was a teaspoon of bleach in every dish load. Actually, she used bleach for everything! I am probably one of the only people that I know of who absolutely LOVES the smell of bleach and gets a warm and home-y feeling when its aroma fills the air! She also had a jar of lysol in every room (that smell does NOT make me warm and fuzzy) and her cleaning arsenal was filled with TONS of bottles of cleaners.

Well, that was my mom and this is me. There was and is nothing wrong with how my mom raised us but I am taking a more natural and organic approach to life. I also don't need as many different cleaning supplies!

Click here to get my recipe and o find out how you can stay healthy and chemical free with Tea Tree oil!