Saturday, August 17, 2013

I Quit Using Shampoo! $1.50 Saved my damaged hair!

Okay, when I first started reading about my friends who "no-poo", I totally thought that they were giving me more information that I needed to know.

I FINALLY urged myself to click the link and see what this craze was all about. Thankfully (and to my surprise), they were talking about haircare and SHAMPOO! My first thought was ewwwww (sorry, the honesty card is out). Since I am working on getting my family a little greener, I did transition to organic shampoo and conditioner recently -but was pricey for this cheap gal (not pricey for most people...about $7 per bottle). My friends were singing no-poo praises and it was super cheap so why not try it....right?!?!?

Click HERE to learn how to No-Poo and LOVE IT!