Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Go Back to School Eco-Friendly with NewWaveEnviro!

As my family and I started our organic mission, we found that it was essential to pack snacks and foods every time we left the house. It was no longer acceptable to grab a snack at the food court after shopping or rely on convenience store goodies to get us through a long drive. I also did not want our new "lifestyle" to change our lives too much....the kids LOVE eating out and if our new eating habits made things "un-fun" they were NOT going to go along with it.

So...I began packing food and drinks every time we went out (nothing major - fruit juices, water, fruit, sandwiches, etc.) and we began having family picnics on trips. I really do think that the kids like these more than eating in a restaurant! Then, one day as I cleaned up, I realized that my mission to get my family healthier was causing another problem...tons of plastic waste. I also am working on my family a little "greener" too so this certainly wasn't going to work. I had to find a better solution.

My old way of packing! Tons of packaging WASTE!
I took the the internet (as we all do) to see how much of a litter issue our lunches really are. Turns out that, every day, over 9 million pounds of lunch garbage ends up as litter, or in our landfills - adding up to over 3.5 billion pounds a year!  A big majority litter comes from single use bottles, aluminum  foil, and plastic/paper bags used to pack lunches. Uhhhh....my old luches.

I had to find a way to get both of my missions in line! I needed to pack healthy foods AND be good to the environment while doing it!

Enter the wonderful people from NewWave with their Enviro Products! The must have heard me thinking because they provided some AMAZING solutions! My absolute FAVORITE has to be the LitterFreeLunch!

Litter Free Lunch BagsThe LitterFreeLunch is an insulated lunch case that is available in 4 different designs. Each bag comes with reusable containers that are all BPA & Lead Free as well as dishwasher &  microwave safe! BONUS: They are also recyclable!

I absolutely LOVE these lunch kits. Everything is all in one place and so easy to clean! The 4 reusable containers are great sizes and I feel like I actually am able to get more into the box because of how nicely they fit inside.  This company speaks to my organic heart, my green heart, AND my frugal heart. These amazing lunch kits are around $20! Think of all the money you will save in plastic baggies and convenience foods!

You can check them out at their website HERE. They also offer amazing water treatment solutions, stainless steel bottles, BPA Free drinking bottles, and so much more!

Are you ready to try one of New Wave Enviro Products LitterFreeLunch Boxes? 
I hope so...they are ready to give one away! 

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They are also available on Amazon so check them out there too!

I was not paid in any way for my review of the LitterFreeLunch. I was, however, given an awesome LitterFreeLunch to review. The company-IN NO WAY- influenced my thoughts or opinions. All of my opinions are my own and can not be influenced by a company.