Monday, April 29, 2013

I am Coco-Nutty for Coconut!

Are you Coco-nutty for Coconut?

5 Easy Ways to sneak the Amazing Coconut into your diet!

Previous to the last few months, I thought that the only great things that came from coconuts were pina coladas!....O how the times change. As my family started on our healthier- more organic- eating journey, I found that  the coconut was actually responsible for many items that are now staples in my kitchen and easily found in its organic form. Just taking a quick inventory of my kitchen...I see coconut milk, coconut oil, yogurt made from coconut milk, and even some ice cream. Once thought to be a "bad fat", it is now said to relieves stress, promote increased immunity, boost metabolism and weight loss, and even to fight viruses.There is even some evidence that it may help with blood pressure, diseases, and Alzheimer's.

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