Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Homemade Organic Strawberry Mojito Body Scrub - inspired by the West Chester Farmer's Market

I absolutely LOVE heading to the farmers market because you just never know what you are going to find! Not only will you find tons of local vendors selling fruits and veggies, you may be surprised to know that you can also find things like homemade goods for your home AND you body!


The best part about the farmers market is that you can support your neighbors and spend your money locally. The dollars spent local tend to stay local.

We are so fortunate that in West Chester, Ohio we have our very own Farmers Market that meets every Saturday right by the library. You can follow the market on facebook by clicking HERE. The website http://westchesterohiofarmersmarket.org/ has more information and details about dates and vendors! This market is for the WHOLE FAMILY! They even do activities for the kids that are both educational and fun!

One of my FAVORITE VENDORS is the TREEHUGGER COMPANY! Treehugger is an amazing company based in Cincinnati who is are committed to crafting their products with all natural and organic ingredients. They make everything from personal bath and body products to pet care items - All of which  are never made with synthetic ingredients, colors, fragrances, etc.

Check them out on facebook HERE and their shop HERE

You may wonder why you should choose products that are all natural and organic for your skin and there is a very simple answer. Your skin is NOT a barrier to the elements, it is a CONDUCTOR! Your skin is actually the largest organ in your body and anything put onto your skin is absorbed into the body. There are even studies that show traces of chemicals in new born babies that were only found in the mother's cosmetics! That will make you think twice about what you put onto your skin!

When I first started my organic journey, I was so concerned with what I put into my body but neglected what I put onto it UNTIL I went to buy a jar of chocolate mocha body scrub at the mall that had more ingredients than I could count and NONE of them were chocolate....Check out my recipe for the organic version HERE. I then found that the organic versions were so pricey that I began learning to make them myself!

So....what do you do when you are inspired by an amazing vendor at the Farmer's Market AND are standing in the midst of tons of local vendors....GET INSPIRED! You would not believe the many combinations you can put together just by walking around!

Here is an amazing body scrub recipe inspired by the good people at Treehuggers Company LLC and created with goods found from the other vendors. This scrub contains coconut oil which is so nourishing and healing for your skin (read more here for the why and 8 other beauty tips for coconut oil) and smashed strawberries which are better for your skin than you probably know. They clear up acne & oiliness, make skin younger and smoother,  even reduce under-eye puffiness. Strawberries are key to this scrub because they contain alpha-hydroxy acid, which helps us slough off dead skin cells leaving fresh and renewed skin!


1/3 cup of Organic Coconut Oil (or olive oil)
1/4 cup Organic Sugar or Salt
5-10 drops of mint essential oil (or a tablespoon of finely minced mint)
5-10 drops of lime essential oil  (or the juice of 1 lime and some grated peel)
4 or 5 smashed strawberries (remove the stem)

1) add all ingredients into a bowl
2) smash and blend (if you prefer a more pureed version, simply blend the berries in a blender but they are beautiful when left hand smashed)
3) Store in an airtight jar in the fridge.

1) use this scrub before or in the shower. It will exfoliate your skin and leave your new skin soft,  nourished, and glowing.


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