Sunday, April 5, 2015

Fresh Thyme now open in Centerville, Ohio!

From the day that I learned that there was a new Fresh Thyme coming to my town, I have sat and waited  with extreme anticipation (insert impatiently stalking the construction  site).  I do not remember being excited for a new store like this since I was a kid. Most folks may say that I am crazy and remind me that, "it's just a grocery store" but I am here to tell you that THEY ARE WRONG!

Ever since my family started our organic eating journey, I have found grocery shopping to be a long process - I either go to 2 different grocery stores or spend way too much money trying to do it all at one store. One specialty "health food" store has higher prices and most of my items while the other "regular" store has better prices but only marks off some of my family's long grocery list. With the new Fresh Thyme in town, thank goodness - shopping can be EASY, AFFORDABLE, and HEALTHY!

If you haven't seen one yet, Fresh Thyme is an Amazing store! It's like a full sized grocery store but honestly more similar to a good old Farmers Market. From the minute you walk in, you will notice the difference - from the décor to the variety!

Since you may not have been yet, let me take you on a tour!

Fresh Thyme puts the veggies and fruits FRONT AND CENTER!
Typically, a grocery store puts the "fresher" items around the perimeter and then stuffs the huge center of the store with the convenience, prepackaged, junk foods causing you to spend  most of your trip loading up in the center and grazing the outside as a secondary thought - not at Fresh Thyme! In the heart of the store, you are going to find TONS of produce with most being grown locally. The perimeter is filled with even more goodness...

Step right up to the good ole' Meat Counter-it's nothing short of
amazing! Here you are going to find the freshest of naturally raised and organic meats. Tip - check out 1 of the over a DOZEN types of sausage made in house! The butcher (yep, not just "counter guy") was super knowledgeable and eager to assist in getting just the right cut!

Visit the artisan bakery! Here is another spot you will see Fresh Thyme's committment to your community! Not only will you find breads and goodies baked in the store BUT you may also see some local artisans items featured! Gluten free? NO WORRIES! Fresh Thyme has an array of specialty breads and muffins just for you that are taste tested and crowd approved!

Next, wander on over to the seafood department!  The fish served are sustainable AND directly sourced by the good people from Fresh Thyme. The fish is flown in daily so you are sure to get some of the best and freshest fish around.
How could I forget my walk down the dairy aisle?!  HOLY DAIRY DEPARTMENT BATMAN! Fresh from the farm…organic milk, cage-free eggs, greek yogurt, fresh juice and so much more! They not only feature TONS of fresh dailry goodies but also more - non dairy offerings that I have ever seen! My family chooses almond milk and with 5 kids- we go through a TON! It was nice to see that the prices didn't penalize me for making a healthy choice!


Skip over to the Sandwiches counter and grab some amazing pizza or fresh made sandwiches! This stop is especially awesome for a busy family! I mean, who wants to cook after getting home with groceries?


So now that I have given you the "Grand Tour" (trust, me there is so much more) I want to tell you a little about the prices!


I was so happy to learn about DOUBLE AD WEDNESDAY! Every Wednesday, you can take advantage of both the outgoing and incoming sales flyers! Not many grocery stores are going to do that for their customers!

The regular prices were lower than the "specialty" health food store I shop at the sale prices were even better. They also have great ways to save money like Bulk Bins! My family scores tings like oatmeal, nuts, and even flour in these bins. We go through about 10 pounds of flour a week as a family (no lie, a lot of pancakes, muffins, and pizza dough at my house)  so these bins are a great way to buy!

There is so much more to tell you about Fresh Thyme but you should probably visit for yourself and see everything that they have to offer. I didn't even get to the safe and natural cleaning product section, the healthy and wellness aisles, the fresh squeezed juice, bulk candy, olive bar and so many other departments, Plan to get there early and take your time wandering, exploring, and finding gems...they are hidden in plain sight!


Throughout the store you will find local honey, locally roasted coffee, local breads, dairy items, and so many more.

They even seem to have many of the locally made goods highlighted so you can easily find them and support those in your community.

I hope you have enjoyed this trip through Fresh Thyme and are able to visit soon!

Please let me know if you have visited!

Get Fresh with your Food and Save Money at the Same Time!

**This post was sponsored by Fresh Thyme but all of the opinions were strictly my own and never swayed.