Monday, April 13, 2015

5 ingredient Homemade Mayo - Organic on a Budget!

This one came from  the archives...back to when I first started blogging..

As a family, we recently began reading labels and learning more about the foods that we were putting into our bodies. Am I a "hippe"? No, my husband likes to call me that though! We simply decided that our family ate too many convenience foods and WAY too many things that we couldn't pronounce! If my grandmother were alive today, she would shake her head at my old shopping carts. The woman lived 77 years and I am certain did not think that biscuits came from cans!

So, armed with a few hundred websites and a family of 7 behind me...I began tackling each item on our shopping list. This week, it was mayonnaise.

Click HERE to learn how to save money by making your own ORGANIC MAYO with only 5 ingredients!