Monday, April 13, 2015

10 things to do with JELLY!


Not many people know that your local "farmers" market has way more than just locally grown fruits and veggies - but they should! Your local farmers market will typically have hand made baked goods, services, hand crafted items, jellies, jams, potions, and more!  To be honest, while I load up on the garden items, most of my favorites are the sweets that I find!
On my last trip to the West Chester, Ohio Farmers Market, I ran across some AH-MAZING pineapple-ginger jam from SMASHED JAMS & ASSORTMENTS (follow them on Facebook HERE.) They have tons of crazy flavors and some are even infused with liquor..Apple Bourbon Butter anyone?!  I quickly began  thinking of all the ways that I could use the jams and before long, I had quite a list of awesome ideas.

Just some of the flavors available from Smashed Jams & Assortments!!
Here are 10 Fun Ways to use your jam and/or jelly!
1. Stir Fry. You may have never realized this but adding jam and jelly to your stirfry will bring tons of life to it! Simply mix soy sauce with a few spoonfuls of jam along with some red pepper flakes and you have a fun twist on your normal dish! I recommend pepper jelly and orange marmalade for these but any will do!

2. Homemade dressing. I never used to be a vinaigrette person until I started making my own! Simply toss any oil and vinegar together and add 2 teaspoons of your favorite jam or jelly and any additional seasonings you may like and SHAKE IT UP! CLICK HERE FOR A QUICK AND EASY RESTAURANT QUALITY Farmers Market Spinach Salad RECIPE.

3. Marinade/Glaze. Bring new life to your grilled chicken, meats, and seafood! Mix together melted butter, jelly, seasonings, and maybe even a little bourbon and brush over your meats during the grilling process.

4. Cookies! Make a basic sugar cookie and make a small well with your thumb before baking. Fill them in with a little jam or jelly right before baking.

5. Fruit lemonade! Add a spoonful of your favorite fruity spread to a glass of lemonade and shake!

6. Mojitos! Probably my FAVORITE USE! To a shaker add 1 lime (juiced), 1 tablespoon of jam or jelly, some crushed mint, 2 oz of rum and ice. Shake! Then fill the remainder of the glass with soda water or sprite. YUM!

7. Fruit Pizza - Take any old pizza crust (healthy homemade yeast free- wheat crust HERE) and spread a thin layer of jelly (u can do a layer of cream cheese too if you want). Add some savory goat cheese, brie, bacon, or even just more fruit! bake and enjoy! This is a HUGE hit at parties! You can also use this super easy 2 ingredient Greek Yogurt dough recipe

8.  Fruit Infuse Your Next Cake! Thin the jam or jelly with a little warm water to make a syrup, poke holes in a still warm cake then pour syrup over the top. Add your icing as normal!

9. Berry good yogurt! Blend a teaspoon into your favorite yogurt! This will make a great flavored yogurt with less preservatives than the store-bought stuff AND you can save some money by buying the larger vanilla tub!

10. Crepes! Check out this super easy crepe recipe HERE.

11. Homemade Syrup. Take the jam and thin it with some warm water and butter. Heat and serve over pancakes, French toast, etc. SOOO good! Easy homemade pancake recipe HERE.

Okay, in reality...there are HUNDREDS of uses for jams and jellies but these are 10 (okay 11) of my favorites!

So, what will inspire you this week at the Farmers' Market? Stay tuned to see what inspires me each week at the West Chester, Ohio Farmers Market! You can follow the market on facebook by clicking HERE.  The website has more information and details about dates and vendors!

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