Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Organic Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

I recently became a presenter for Younique Beauty Products and I have to admit...I am in LOVE! Not only are the products cruelty free BUT they are also ALL NATURAL! This was HUGE for me because, up to this point, I would scour the stores looking for safe products to use with very little luck. I would find either super expensive products, a SMALL selection, or products that just didn't work. THANK GOODNESS I FOUND YOUNIQUE!

Anyway...that is not what this post is about. I first fell in love with the 3D Fiber Lashes- when I say love, I mean...LOVE. I would actually fist fight someone for them if they tried to steal them from me, lol. They make my eyes pop and it appears as if I am wearing false lashes even though I am not! So, with the success of my lashes... I decided to progress my way into the lip products (an area of my face I had dedicated to Burts Bees lip gloss). This next love affair came fast and hard - and it was with our "Stiff Upper Lip" lip stain. This stuff stays on for SOOO long and you can even top it with chap stick and our lip gloss without losing the stain!
They had me at "lashes"!

As happy as I was with the lip stain, I was also a little disappointed in my lips! I would have those little flakes of skin on my lips and areas where my stain took darker than everywhere else leaving an uneven appearance. I have always used the safest lip products that I could find so it never made sense to me why my lips weren't flawless. Now..that has all changed!

The simple truth is that your lips are just like the rest of your body! They need attention! Your lips become dry and chapped because they don't produce oil like the rest of your body does. They become damaged and regenerate new cells and sometimes...the dead cells are simply there and chilling out. Using chapsticks and moisturizers will give you a smoother appearance BUT they won't make the flakes go away! So, what do you do to the rest of your body when you want to expose the newest, freshest, and healthiest skin - EXFOLIATE!

Getting rid of these pesky flakes is easier and tastier than you think! There are so many variations of this recipe and you really can make a basic lip scrub by blending any sugar and coconut oil. The coconut oil will leave your lips soft, moisturized and healthy while the sugar helps pull away those dead cells to reveal beautiful-glowing lips!

This really can't be easier.

simply blend the following-
1 tsp. Organic Brown Sugar (or whatever you have on hand)
1 tsp. Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature so you may want to warm it slightly to get a great blend. One you mix it together, add a little to your lips and gently rub it across your lips - back and forth - very gently. Next step, LICK IT OFF! This stuff is safe, edible, and tastes AMAZING! Okay...if you really way to, you can wash it off but why not go for it?

The coconut oil will leave your lips moisturized and will leave a film on your lips....that will leave your lips so healthy!

BONUS - this makes a super cute gift! Add variations like a hint of organic vanilla! Switch it up and use white sugar, coconut oil, and a drop of peppermint for a mojito inspired lip scrub! Toss it in a sweet glass jar and you have a beautifully crafted gift for anyone!

ENJOY YOUR NEW SUPER HEALTHY LIPS! If you would like any information about the Younique products, shoot me a message or check out my site!