Sunday, October 5, 2014

Super Easy Organic General Tso's Sauce

When my family and I began our healthy eating journey, we easily gave up having "junk food" around the house", eating fast food, and had no problems choosing organic vs. traditional. We made a pretty smooth transition but after time found that we missed some of our favorite dishes like General Tso's from our neighborhood Chinese restaurant.

This was one dish that I was VERY afraid to try making at home. I have mastered pizza, tortillas, desserts...BUT I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to match the General's Tofu we were used to. I still had to try because the cheat nights at the Chinese restaurant were filled with processed ingredients and sugar. If I could make it myself....we could have it more often without having a cheat day :)

I saw many recipes online and to be honest...some were pretty intimidating. May recipes called for a number of ingredients and most were items that I simply don't keep around the house. The recipe that I ended up with may NOT be a traditional General Tso's BUT it was one that I can make with ingredients that I keep around the house and it was extremely kid friendly!