Monday, December 9, 2013

WHAT?!?!? McDonald's Fried ARE NOT VEGETARIAN?

Booo....My favorite fast food is NOT vegetarian and I never knew!

Okay, if you are keeping up with the blog, you know that I am all about getting real and organic with my family's food. The bigger part of my family's mission is to  be realistic while living an organic lifestyle. I will never commit to saying absolutely NO to things like fast food, family gatherings, and dinner with friends. Living a healthier lifestyle is JUST like a diet...if it isn't something you can do long term and commit to....then it is never going to work. Allowing for some non-organic meals without beating yourself up will help you stick with a newer healthier living plan!
Click here for a list of 9 things from McDonalds that I totally thought were vegetarian...that ARE NOT!