Thursday, September 5, 2013

Healthy & Easy Black Bean Soup Recipe

As a vegetarian, it is important that I work protein into my meals whenever I can which is why protein packed legumes like Black Beans are a staple in my home. Regardless of their nutritional value, having a family of 5 kids makes it vital that these beans are hidden and made in a fun and interesting way or they won't be eaten. So far, I have won the kids  over with black bean brownies, black bean cookies, sausage made with garbanzo beans, and other creative goodies - now I can add this amazing soup to the list.

I have two different ways of making this soup. One of the recipes is a 2 ingredient "quick cook" recipe while the original recipe takes a few more ingredients and a little more cooking time.  I ALWAYS make this soup in a large batch because it can be used in tons of ways throughout the week. Try it:  as a soup; served atop nachos; drizzled on hotdogs; served as a taco salad; and even as a yummy dip for flatbreads!