Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Meet Hilltop Designs! -Affordable All Natural Body Care

As many of you may know by now, I am passionate about not only watching what goes into my body...but also WHAT GOES ON IT! Your skin is actually the largest organ in your body and, while most people think it is a barrier, the largest conductor of toxins! Why be so cautious about what you are putting in your body when you are slathering chemicals on it?

Anyway, a few years ago, I made the decision to make healthier choices and that included my foods, cleaning supplies and bath and body items. I quickly realized that shopping a Whole Foods - while fun- was not going to allow me to accomplish my mission of  a 100% natural and organic lifestyle...THE PRICES WERE SIMPLY TOO EXPENSIVE!  So, I began to dig a little "google" research and get crafty with some DIY. Now,  I am -what I like to call- a novice when it comes to DIY bath and body products. You have probably seen my many recipes for all natural and organic body scrubs, DIY hair care, and even natural body bronzers but NOTHING could prepare me for what I found at HILLTOP DESIGNS....this company has it TOGETHER- Huge variety, Quality and Premium Ingredients, AND prices to match. I can't thank AMANDA RUIMVELD enough for turning me onto it!

Scrubs, and Bomb, and Lotions OH MY!

A little about the company:
Hilltop Designs is an Up and Coming local business based in the Heart of Southwest Michigan and started by Christine Weber. She creates some AMAZING bath and body creations that are not only good for the body and soul BUT pretty darn good on the wallet as well! They have amazing consultant opportunities as well as PARTY options!

These products are all hand crafted and made with things that are not just gonna leave you with smooth skin BUT also NOURISHED skin. You aren't purchasing a are purchasing an experience!

While they have a HUGE variety of kids items, salts, scrub, balms, and even BATH BOMBS....


#1 100% HANDMADE balm tubes - AVAILABLE IN LIKE 7 FLAVORS and JUST $3.25!

  • Made with coconut oil, beeswax, vanilla, peppermint, mint leaves, mint extract, powered sugar, are going to have soft and kissable lips! Actually, you can use these in tons of ways--even to grease sticky door knobs!

ONLY $12.50

That's a STEAL!!!

The smell of this stuff is going to make it hard not to try to eat it...but trust me, it's for your skin. Well, if you really want to taste won't hurt you!

Are you kidding me?
ONLY $7!

Lotion bars are made with beeswax and are a little different than a traditional "lotion". You simply rub it between your hands and the heat from your hand will slightly warm the wax and make it spreadable. Its a HIGH QUALITY lotion so a little will go a long way!

Wanna know more? OF COURSE YOU DO! Simply check them out on Facebook or click any of the links above or HERE  to go directly to their store!

Check them out and let them know that Frugal Fit Family sent you! Shop Small, Shop Smart and most importantly - Shop Safe products!