Thursday, May 14, 2015

SAFE CLEANING with P2 Probiotic Cleaners!

 A little more than 2 years ago, my family set out on a journey...a journey to rid our lives of harmful chemicals and to get a bit healthier. We started by eliminating the easy things and worked our way towards having everything in our lives chemical and junk free. It was very easy to say goodbye to some things and to was difficult. Sitting on this side, a few years later, I can tell you that the rewards outweigh all of the tough decisions.

When it comes to ridding your home of harmful do sometimes have to do a bit of research. When I first started looking for organic and safe cleaners, I thought that I a) either had to make them myself or b) had to spend an arm and a leg on them. I started with the first option making every cleaner in my home. I was impressed by some and others left me wishing I could just run to the grocery store to grab the same old crap filled cleaner that my mom always used. The expensive option simply wasn't going to work for me. Along the way, I found that there ARE amazing cleaners that are safe and affordable...this is why I am so excited to team up with P2 Probiotic Power to offer their awesome products as a gift to one of my lucky readers!

P2 Probiotic Power sent me some natural probiotic products to try and I am going to tell you --I AM IN LOVE! Not only are their cleaners safe and specialized BUT they are actually awesome for your immune system! P2 Probiotic cleaners can actually help you control asthma, allergies, and sinus issues! This may sound strange but as you are using their can actually feel a difference as you breathe (or at least I could).


There are tons of reasons!

First, all of their products are non-allergenic, non-GMO, have no Chemicals or SLS's and are All Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free, Paleo Certified, while being kid and pet safe.

Second, P2 Probiotic cleaners are filled with Probiotics (good bacteria) that put up a natural barrier against entry of bad bacteria and viruses that weaken your immune system.

 Third, This stuff also attacks biolfilm. You may be like, "hey...what the heck is biofilm?" Well,  your sinus cavity harbors biofilm, which is responsible for indoor allergies, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis (sinus disease), pneumonia and rhinitis. It is also responsible for 90% of all sinus surgeries. When it is eliminated, the good bacteria are able to keep you healthy because only bad bacteria live in biofilms. Click here to learm more about

Now you may wonder... HOW WELL DO THEY CLEAN?

If you really want to know, check out this link to see how the P2 Probiotic cleaners wipe away the competition. They are totally safe and clean better than the names you see at the store.

I can also tell you that I thought my house was clean and there is a great reason why there are no before and after pictures....these cleaners found things I could not believe!

 Not only do the P2 Probiotic cleaners clean better than the traditional cleaners BUT they also protect you longer! These cleaners kill the bad stuff, do not create any bad stuff, and they are safe to breathe and eat!

Wanna know a little more about 3 of my favorites before you enter to win?


The I CLEAN EVERYTHING is my absolute favorite item! This is great for honestly EVERYTHING and doesn't leave a film! I use this on my counters, bathrooms, wood floors, EVERYTHING! It replaces like 10 different cleaning supplies and just one bottle makes 6 GALLONS OF CLEANER for less than $16!

Check it out their Natural Home Cleaners


I am absolutely GUSHING over the I CLEAN YOUR TEETH Mouthwash, Toothbrush, and Retainer Rinse!

This highly concentrated, natural probiotic mouthwash cleans away and keeps away the plaque (biofilm) on your teeth. This is the only mouthwash that removes the biofilm from your teeth, dentures, toothbrush, retainers and mouthguards. Biofilm is plaque, and it traps germs and viruses - if it is not cleaned away, nothing is ever really clean. P2 probiotics keep biofilm plaque from returning without harsh chemicals or alcohol.


Learn more about it HERE. You WILL NOTICE how much cleaner you mouth looks and feels!

I HELP YOU BREATHE is probably the most amazing product. I absolutely HATE the commercials where the lady sprays the average "room air freshener" in the air. All she is doing (in my opinion) is flooding her air with toxins and covering up the smells. She isn't attacking the problem at all.  This spray is NOTHING like that. I HELP YOU BREATHE is so safe that you can spray it directly onto your eyes and nose! It attacks free floating bacteria and allergens as well as those funkies that live on your mattresses, pillows, trash cans, etc. Anywhere you would spray the chemical stuff.  As you can tell, I am a fan! I really do FEEL a difference!
Learn more about it HERE.

They also have a complete line for body and even for your pets too! Be sure to follow us because a giveaway is coming in June exclusively for the Pet Line!

Okay, okay, are done listening to me gush over my new cleaning crush! Here is your chance to enter to win!
This prize pack is AH-MAZING!
You are going to get the following products from P2 Probiotic Cleaners...
 1 Bottle of the I CLEAN EVERYTHING (and it DOES)
1 Bottle (travel size) of I HELP YOU BREATHE
1 Bottle (large) of I SOOTHE & PROTECT YOUR SKIN
1 Bottle of I CLEAN EVERY INCH (gentle face, hand, and body wash)


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