Monday, March 17, 2014

Vegetarian option do exist at a burger joint!! Visit Pattyburger in West Chester, Ohio!

Okay, okay, okay....I know that a few of you are already thinking that I am crazy saying that- as vegetarian- I went to a "burger joint" and actually expected to have dinner - but I did! I was expecting to order my normal "burger no meat" when I was prompted to try the amazing homemade black bean burger. I am so glad that I took the girl's advice because this place is my new hang out. I was actually surprised by many of the items from this place.

They serve a mean black bean burger-which they will allow you to substitute on ANY of their gourmet burgers at NO CHARGE!! My absolute favorite is what they call the "Cali Girl". This tasty treat starts with a bun that is baked fresh daily, a handmade black bean patty, fresh alfalfa sprouts, avocado as well as the other garden fixins. I opted to try the Sweet potato chips which were finished with a sprinkle of cinnamon chipotle seasoning. YUM!

This place really does try to do things right! They bake their bread fresh daily, make all of their own sauces, and even handcut 2 different chips as well as their fries. We were lucky enough to visit on a Monday night when they were having kids night! My kids were stoked to have their faces painted and to make a cool craft. Not many places cater to kids but this place sure did. They even offered a kids shake for just $1 more with their kids meals. Of course my kids took advantage!

WAIT....WAIT...WAIT!!! I almost forgot the BEST part! They served what they call "Sweet Bites". I have renamed them BOMB BITES because they truly are the B-O-M-B. They take some of their dough-deep fry it to a golden brown- and then finish it with cinnamon and sugar. If you go, try them with the Strawberry sauce for sure. It tastes just like a fresh jelly filled doughnut!!

If you know me or follow the blog, you know that I TRY to be organic most of the time or at least go for healthier options when I splurge and this place made it happen for the family! They allow you to change things up like doing grilled chicken instead of the burger as well as upgrade to a grilled  Ahi Tuna filet , they will even let the kids opt for fruit instead of fries.

If you are ever passing through West Chester, sure to stop in and try a burger or two. Or if you happen to live within a few miles....they will bring it to you! THEY DELIVER!!! WHY IS THIS NOT CLOSER TO MY HOUSE!!!! Pattyburger on Urbanspoon