Friday, January 25, 2013


Everyday, I am on the hunt for new ways to make a little extra money online from my home office. I have tried many things that I would say were "Epic Failures" as well as tried some that were more fun than financially rewarding. Many legitimate sites will offer you points for tasks and shopping and then you transfer the points to items or gift cards....I am not a huge fan of rewards points...I LIKE CASH. Here are a few ways to make some extra cash AND HOW TO MAXIMIZE THE MONEY! There are little tips and tricks to some sites and ways to make extra-extra money. Now, please remember  I am not promoting any of these sites as a full time or even a part time job BUT it is a great way to add a few extra bucks to the back account every month.

Follow the Steps below and not only will you make money for the coupons used at your local grocery store but you can also earn on your online shopping, game playing, and even for referring friends!

1)  Sign Up Here  for an Inbox Dollars account. Just for doing this, you will get a $5 bonus to get your earnings started!

2) Click on the Coupons tab and print the coupons you wish to use.
3) Use the coupons at your local supermarket. Not only will the coupons double BUT you will also get 10 CENTS per coupon used deposited in your Inbox Dollars account!!
Inbox Dollars has a low payout of $30 which will be sent via check to your home. You can earn additional money by completing surveys, reading paid emails (low pay for emails but hey, it adds up), and even for purchasing the things you already use through the site. Add additional earnings by suggesting the site to others!

1) Sign Up for Ebates Here
2) You get cash back for all of your online shopping at over 50 stores like Kmart, Walmart,, Victoria Secret, and tons more!

3) Refer a friend! Right now, you get $5 for your each referred friend who spends $50 shopping online!
4) You can also sign up for Savingstar through Ebates. It is an online coupon service. They will give you 10 cents for each coupon you use so its same as the above!**See below for Savingstar Tips!
They will pay you via check or paypal!


1) after you have signed up for Savingstar through Ebates...
2) Add your shopper card to the account.
3) Select the coupons that you may use at the grocery and these will atomatically "redeem" at the register.

The face value of these coupons will not come off your grocery bill BUT they Savingstar will deposit the face value into your savingstar account which you can roll over to your bank or paypal account when you hit $10. Easily done!

-This site will allow you to write and publish your own blogs. Sign Up Here
1. Start writing!
2. Visit the Earnings Tab-Sign up for Amazon Associates (allows you to make money through Amazon items posted on your blog pages), Ebay Sellers Account, and Google Adsense Account. You will earn money as readers click on the ads or buy the items posted to your blog.  YOU get to select the Amazon and Ebay items displayed so if you are selling---write a blog about it and post your items!
3. Hub Pages will add advertisements automatically to your blog and you will make money from those as well!

-Refer friends and get extra earnings from their ads too!!!
Expert bloggers are making a few hundred a month. I am just getting started but see how it can happen!! visit the learning center on the site for more details!!
USE the IBOTTA app!Ibotta works practically the same way. You need to go to Ibotta Here  and sign up.
Here's how it works....
1. Sign up for ibotta then download the app to your smart phone.
2. From there you can scroll through different items that you may select and earn from the purchase of. There are usually three different money earning tasks under each can watch the commercial for 25 cents, take a 1 answer quiz for 50 cents, etc. They offer approximately $20 a week in offers. These also typically match up with the printable coupons and sales out that week.
3. After you purchase the item...Go to your Ibotta app and select the store you purchased the items from and upload a copy of the receipt. You will also need to scan the item for verification with your phone. You will then receive the amount you "earned" through the tasks deposited in your Ibotta account.

I.e. a few of the coupons this week were from Kelloggs. I received $1 for certain cereal brands that I purchased simply by watching the commercial, answering a question,and learning a fun fact for each. EASY!
They have a very low threshold for payout...$5! I sent my receipt and was credited the money that night which is really fast compared to other similar sites. You can then ask that they send the money to paypal which is transferred within minutes.

That's just a short list of a few ways to make, save, and earn some extra money online! I plan to break down each category for you by reviewing the survey sites, shopping sites, and blogging options! Good Luck and please share any success stories you may have!