Thursday, July 7, 2016

Micrite 3D All Use Eye Serum Review

Until my thirties, I never worried about my skin and never even gave a second thought to wrinkles. Then, after hitting the dreaded 3-0...I found that skin care was a whole new ball game! After the birth of my 5th child...I learned that I actually didn't know which game it was, LOL!

I have tried so many different products to try to erase those fine lines and dark circles around my eyes. I have tried some that make a small impact, some that make none, and yet more that have caused skin reactions. When I got the opportunity to try this eye serum I was skeptical to say the least. I am so glad I took a chance though because the results are in and so works!

This serum is easy to apply, is clear and absorbs easily. It didn't cause a reaction with my skin which is a HUGE bonus! I actually started not only using it for my eyes but also for the furrow lines between my brows!

There they before and after pics! In the before, you see the dark areas around my eyes. In the after...just 10 days later, you can see a visible improvement! I wish you saw the full effect of the difference between my brows but, lets be real, I wasn't taking a before picture of that!

SO FAR...Its a HUGE thumbs up from me!

If you wanna check this product out, you can find it on Amazon,

I did receive this product for free in exchange for my honest review. I was, in no way, influenced in exchange for a positive review. I am always committed to the truth - good or bad!

Do you have a favorite serum, crème or remedy? Let me know!