Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gosh -shock absorbing I phone 5 case review

As a mom, I seem to have issues with phones and their safety! That being said..when the opportunity to review a phone case came up...I was on board!

The packaging of this GOSH shock absorbing phone case is very nice. It immediately gave it credibility and it made me feel like I got a huge deal! It was sleek and almost invisible protection.

Love that the screen protector is antibacterial. Loved that it was so lightweight! The case I am currently using is very bulky and is like carrying a brick around BUT after a year of no accidents...I am not complaining!

Anyway, I unboxes  this to find that it's featherlight and has a three step installation process I thought this was odd at first but liked it since stretching cases and snapping my phone into cases isn't always easy. The case actually splits into three sections that snap together to form the protective case. So...I unboxed it and attached it to my phone. Easy enough! It isn't a ton of support but I can see how it alleviates shock when the phone lands on the ground.
See. three pieces to the case make it a snap to attach!
Next, I decide it's time to make a video displaying how easy it is to use the case when...BAM! In the middle of reviewing it...the case snaps in half 😩 Not sure if it's considered kid proof if I can't operate it lol! Also not sure it's the right protection for me.

So, end of the day review...

On budget
Sleek and not bulky
Buttons are all in the right place
Trusted GOSH brand
Arrived in one day via amazon

I broke it

If you wanna check it out, here is the link HERE. I am certain that it was user error and that it was an isolated incident,,I am kinda clutzy!

I was given this product for free in exchange for my honest review. I was in no way influenced by the discount of this product and will continue to provide honest and fair reviews.